Chelan School of Innovation

A New Approach to Learning in the Lake Chelan School District

 "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself"
 ~John Dewey
 About CSI
What is CSI? 
  • NOT an alternative school, but a different option
  • Pilot high school based on the Big Picture learning model.
  • Replaces & Builds on Glacier Valley High School
  • Supports/builds on existing programs at CHS, Running Start, Tech Center, College-in-the-High School, CTE Pathways
Why CSI?
  • CSI is another pathway for students to find their passion, talents, skills.
  • Increased options for diverse array of students.
  • Passion, relevance, and ownership are the vehicle to deeper, meaningful learning.
  • Because one model doesn’t work for every student
CSI Guiding Philosophies
  • Empower Self Discovery
  • Promote & Support Design Thinking
  • Inquiry Based, Passion-Driven Learning is Deeper Learning
  • Project Based Learning Increases Collaboration and Critical Thinking
  • The Achievement Gap Can be Closed by addressing the Opportunity Gap
  • Foster an Entrepreneurial Growth Mindset
  • Competency-Based Assessment Promotes Mastery Learning and Tells Each Students’ Story
  • Students Need Advocates, Mentors, and a Support Network
  • Non Cognitive Skills are Integral to Student Achievement
  • Mistakes are an Option and a Foundation for Growth
CSI Learning Principles
  • Leaning must be based on each student’s interests and needs. 
  • Curriculum must be relevant to the student and allow them to do real work in the real world.
  • Student growth and abilities must be measured by the quality of their work and how it changes them.
 CSI Learning Design
 CSI Learning Design
Community Outreach
  • Increase Collaboration Between Students and the Community
  • Service Learning & Community Service Projects Required at all Levels–Tied to Senior Focus Project in 12th Grade
  • “Boot Camp” and Job Shadows for 9th and 10th
  • Extended Day Internships for 11th and 12th Grade Students
Learning Through Internships (LTI's)
  • High School Meets the Real World
  • Students Paired with Industry Export Mentors
  • Projects Connected to Student Interests/Passion
  • Grade Level LTI Requirements: 
    • 9th: Boot Camp and Job Shadows
    • 10th: Five Job Shadows
    • 11th:  (2) LTI Projects
    • 12th:  (2) LTI Projects Tied to Senior Focus Project
 Grade Level Expectations (documented evidence, reflection, and competency/credit completion)
  • Quarterly Exhibitions
  • Student Narratives
  • LTIs – Job Shadows & Internships
  • Personal Interest Projects
  • Annotated Bibliography of Books Read
  • Community Service
  • Regular Attendance
  • Evidence demonstrating growth/achievement of substantial learning
  • Weather Alerts

    Please monitor our District website for possible delays or cancellation in the morning. This decision is made by 6:00AM and announced using the District website, social media, text, auto dialer phone calls, and staff emergency phone tree.  Click HERE for more information.


    No information means that we are on a regular schedule. 


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The Story Behind CSI

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Another Option...
Crosby Carpenter
Tim Bombaci
Erik Peterson
 Internship Coordinator/Counselor
Gail Manahan 
Shauna Ventimiglia 
 “We learn best when we care about what we are doing, when we have choices. We learn best when the work has meaning to us, when it matters. We learn best when we are using our hands and our minds.We learn best when the work we are doing is real and relevant.” 

~Dennis Littky
The Big Picture: Education Is Everyone's Business