Early Childhood Frequently Asked Questions

Can your preschool child do these things?

All children develop at different rates. However, a young child may need some extra support if he or she is having trouble developing certain skills.

At 3 years of age, can your child:

  • Talk in 3 word sentences?
  • Be understood by family and familiar people?
  • Answer simple questions?
  • Engage in a two-step sequence of pretend play
  • Run without falling?
  • Copy a circle while drawing?
  • Play with peers without being asked to leave?

At 4 years of age, can your child:

  • Talk in 4 word sentences?
  • Be understood by most people?
  • Talk about things that have already happened?
  • Engage in a three or four step sequence of pretend play?
  • Ride a trike or big wheel?
  • Use the toilet appropriately?
  • Change from one activity to another without frequent emotional struggles?

At 5 years of age, can your child:

  • Use complete sentences with 5 or more words?
  • Pronounce most words correctly (except those with S, R, and TH)?
  • Talk about things that will occur in the future?
  • Engage in fairly elaborate pretend play?
  • Copy a square?
  • Share and take turns?
If I have concerns about my child's skills, whom do I contact about a possible assessment?

Please call our Special Education Secretary at 509-682-7744

Preschoolers transferring from another school district

If your child has already been made eligible for school district services in another district, please contact Charise Carpenter at 509-682-7744

Please leave her the following information:

  • Your child’s name and birth date
  • Your names, address, home phone number, and work phone number(s)
  • The name, address, and phone number of your previous school district
  • Days and times it is easiest to reach you by phone
  • Someone from the district will then get in touch with you.