LCSD Board Minutes 11/24/2020




DATE: November 24, 2020

TIME: 6:00 PM                                                    

LOCATION: Online meeting

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Jeremy Bonner, Jeff Fehr, Lynda Foster, Ken Brunner, Agustin Benegas-Garcia, Kim Thorpe, Brad Wilson, Scott Granger, Brian Wood, Rob Rainville, Erik Peterson, Erin Morin, Todd Hausman, Sarah Clarke, K.C. Knudson, Tammy Williams, Rosey Burkhard, Jose Mendoza, Stefani Morgan, Carrie Austin, Amber Corrigan, Melanie Froman, Jamie Mack, Jennifer Polley, Lisa Gleasman, Leonardo Pastor, Nels Lund, Rebecca Benson, Sarah Sanderson, Jenifer Rainville, Travis Domser, Marty Rothlisberger, Randy Gleasman, Amber Finch, Brady Dundas, Cindy Bertomeu, Kayli Crosby, Jody Petersen, Mary Green, Kim Green, Jessica Nygreen, Laura Clinton, Ringo Reteria, Natalie Bishop, Jill Malone, Richard Uhlhorn, Camisha Hughbanks, Chris Hughbanks, Katherine D’Orazio, Michelle Fanton, Kris Austin, Danita Breeze, Heather Smith, Minda Gogal, Alisha Jeffries, Levi Jeffries, Sawyer Jeffries, Melissa Dietrich, Vickie Bodle, Mindy Garfoot, Alicia Lopez, JoAnne Strandberg, Jennifer Collins, Scott Benson, Yessica Patino, Jessica Helm, Kirk Einspahr, Heather Jacobsen, Katie Rainville, Kristen Harding, Gunner Gleasman, Ella Polley, Steve Stamps, Julia Spanjer, Erin McCardle, Mindy Christopherson, April Slagle, Brooke Isaak, Makayla Garfoot, Elly Collins, Joslynn Simmons, Lana Fielding, Olivia Strandberg, Alexis Williams, Michael Tucker, Hayley Watson, Sasha Dandridge, Josie Garfoot, Ian Garfoot, Leanna Garfoot, Melissa Shumway, Cole Soreano, Tara Cunningham, Caily Couch, Holly Moody, Ben Williams, April Williams,  Maddoc F, Maria Lisenko, Adelyn Gueller, BOSO, Liz Martinez, Erin Fielding, Joanie Bankson, Juliana P, Nesha Bremmeyer, Stephanie Granger, Reed Stamps, Janell Wood, Heidi Summers, and Georgia Mashayekh



Jeff Fehr called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.


  • Approval of Agenda

No changes to the agenda.

Kim moved and Ken seconded a motion to approve the November 10 minutes as presented; motion carried

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



Barry shared information about drive-thru COVID testing at Mt. Goat field today and tomorrow.

Barry explained the format for the meeting and reiterated the fact that there was time reserved following his presentation for questions and discussion.  This time would be provided to the board first, then staff, students and finally parents.

  • School Re-opening Update

Barry gave a presentation with more information on Return to Learn 2020.

Included were Data Snap, Regional Comparisons, CDCH Data, County Data Summary, quarantining of staff and students, and a safe start in-person timeline.

  • Open Board Discussion – question period

Barry answered questions and comments from the Board, students, staff, and then parents/community.

  • What would cohorting and staffing look like for the HS as the subject classes differ from grade level?
  • Barry explained some options of what the district is doing according to the CDCH (Chelan Douglas Health District) guidelines and what other districts are doing that the HS could also do.
  • MOE shared the protocol that was followed in the school and district last week when a staff member had a confirmed positive case of COVID-19. The nurse and principals, through contact tracing determined who may have been exposed at school and then under the guidance of the CDHD sent students home with parents to practice self-isolation for two weeks. Students and staff are doing remote learning during this time.
  • Agustin spoke about community health concerns. The pandemic is not going away soon, so what will it look like as the spread continues in the communities? How detrimental will it be to open and close the schools as people continue to get sick? How can the parents, community and students come together to work on academics and social emotional health?
  • Ken spoke about the same concerns that Agustin has about bringing students back in December. He reinforced the reason for why Dr. Butler and Dr. Haugh suggest that we continue with remote learning until after the holidays to see what the numbers look like.
  • Lynda shared her thoughts about this important decision about bringing students back to the buildings. She is impressed with how MOE handled the district COVID protocol last week with a positive case. Schools are a safe place at this time because of the safety protocols and cleaning.  Getting students back together would be a huge benefit to their social and emotional health.
  • Barry has had conversations with the Mead school district administration to learn more about their success as the Mead SD has had students in school since September. The guidelines that they adhere to are somewhat different than the guidelines at CDCH.
  • Several staff members spoke out about their concerns regarding bringing students back to the building and being exposed to students when they and/or their family are immune compromised.
  • There was a question about what would be different in January. Agustin answered the question that the transmission numbers would change, hopefully being lower, and the possibility of having vaccines available. With new information decisions are being made daily and weekly about what is going on with the pandemic.
  • How do we work together as a community to get through hard times?
  • Other staff asked if bringing back students to the building is a one size fits all or can we be more creative in having students in the building. Maybe have students in the building with paras and compromised staff teaching from home. Brad took that suggestion and said that it would be different from content to content with the teachers depending on how hands on the class would be.
  • Another teacher has been talking with the Methow District who is doing student testing. Would random testing be an idea for our district? That is a topic that is still up for discussion.  At this point in time testing is extremely
  • Students suggested that starting in-person learning prior to the Winter Break is a good idea for setting up new routines and give them a glimmer of hope that they can return to their schools. They have had little hope of returning to the buildings as the school year has started.
  • Ella Polley shared a statement about how the Seniors are feeling this school year. Many Seniors feel that they are losing out on their academics as they move forward to college. With no idea of when they might return to school many students have given up and stop trying to get their work done. Trying to meet the needs of the students in equity is hard right now.
  • More students spoke and shared how hard this has been for them to get into the right mind-set to focus on their academics while being at home. Many have no good workspace at home to concentrate on what they need to do or the skills for self-management.
  • Parents are struggling with getting students to do their required work remotely.
  • A teacher from Brewster shared that they have been back in the buildings for over a month. Mondays are remote learning and then the rest of the week is scheduled with A and B days. She explained that there have been no positive cases in their buildings.  It has been a positive experience with several students still doing remote learning.
  • A parent shared that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) suggested not closing schools. Many regional districts are doing in-person learning and the parents want students back in the building.
  • Kudos to Rosey and team for putting together COVID 19 protocols and training. Kudos to the MOE staff for following protocols when a staff member tested positive.
  • Several parents who have chosen the online learning with MOE are not having a good experience with Calvert. It is hard for students to understand on their own and there are limited resources. They would like the students to stay more connected with their MOE teachers.
  • Working parents don’t have people at home facilitating classes for online learning. Suggestion of teachers zooming remotely with kids at home. There is no one-size fits all.
  • Bring back kids that are struggling the most first. Keep zoom in the classroom to keep connected to the community.
  • Teachers and students are essential! The national CDC director is telling people to get kids back in school. IDM (Institute for Disease Modeling) looks at spreading across the country and schools are not super spreaders. Many schools have opened safely across the nation. Even if the grades are going well, the students may be struggling emotionally.
  • A business owner stated that with all of the cases across the region there has not been spread in the businesses, even after having thousands of people coming into the valley this year.
  • A parent of a Junior said that when their son went back to the school building to do their work, their grades improved. Just being in the building gave the student a better mindset to study.
  • A parent/staff member said they are ready for the students with all of the safety protocol. As a teacher she has made more student contacts in the first month of school than any other year of teaching. As a parent, she is out of options for daycare.  Calvert is not good for students.
  • Some parents felt that online pictures of students are not representative of social distancing and expressed concerns regarding following protocol.
  • Concerns about students not following social distancing outside of school were expressed. Doing all that they can for keeping the students connected online. If we can’t meet the 6 feet protocol outside of school, how can we keep them safe.
  • There are parents all over the board about what is and what isn’t working. It is an industry that is self-imposing and choosing not to serve their customers. People have been living their lives with or without the pandemic. Mead school district has had all of their students in school.  Our district has been waiting on the diving board until the numbers are high.
  • Brewster suggests to kids that if they are not feeling good, that they zoom in. Students are temperature checked every day prior to getting on the bus. They have the choice for the same education whether at home or in the buildings.
  • One parent said that no matter what happens people are going to feel hurt either way. She thanked the school board, staff, and students for all that they are doing. Choices are made from facts or fear.
  • Get data directly from the kids. Parents and staff are concerned about the depression that is set in for so many people. Give the community some hope in moving forward.  The mental state is very important.
  • The athletes were so happy to be able to get together to practice and hang together. There was no transmission of any cases during the 3 weeks of practice.

Barry reiterated the fact that this has been a hard time for all school boards across the nation.  Our board have great respect for each other and would vote their conscience.  This isn’t an easy decision; it weights heavy on all of us. He asked that students, staff, parents, and community members to respect the decision of the school board. Barry thanked everyone for the civil discourse and reminded everyone that the community is resilient and will come together when times are hard.

Lynda moved and Kim seconded a motion to proceed in opening schools for hybrid in-person learning per Board planning with 7th and 8th graders returning on December 7th and 9th -12th graders returning on December 14th ; Lynda voted aye, Kim voted aye, Agustin voted nay, Ken voted nay, and Jeff prepared his comments for a tie breaking vote; Jeff approved the motion.

Barry will be appraising the board on weekly school district updates.  The board will continue to monitor COVID transmission rates and social emotional needs, and change the schedule as needed.

There will be a Special Board meeting on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 5 pm.



Jeremy shared the November enrollment numbers and changes from 2019 and the fluctuations from expected enrollment numbers. The district is minus 63 students from an estimation for the 2020-21 budget.  This drop in numbers is representative across the region from families moving, choice of other educational options, and deferring school for Kindergarten.

Barry and the board talked about what the financial impact may be on the district with the lower numbers.

The budgeting was done earlier in the year prior to the pandemic and not know what that would do to enrollment.

Jeremy shared the district financial reports and enrollment budgeting.  He explained the new reports that he has created.  There was discussion about the expenditures in different departments.  He also shared comparisons of current year to three-year averages.

This was approved and transmitted to OSPI and state legislature this week.  Jeremy went over several pages of the report.  Thanked Rosey for all the work that she has done with the COVID coordination and Food Service and how that effects the district budgets.



There was discussion about updating this policy is about providing equitable voice to the district members. Barry had shared the district maps with the board, and they don’t see a need to change boundaries at this time.

Kim moved and Ken seconded a motion to approve BP 1105 & Procedure as presented; motion carried.



Ken moved and Lynda seconded a motion to approve the Payables and Payroll as presented; motion carried

Kim moved and Agustin seconded a motion to approve the Personnel as presented; motion carried.

Lynda moved and Ken seconded a motion to approve the Highly Capable iGrant as presented; motion carried.



  • To discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. 30.110

Jeff moved the board to executive session at 8:25pm for approximately 20 minutes to discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken.



Jeff Fehr reconvened the board to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.


_________________________________________                           ________________________________

Jeff Fehr, Board Chair                                                                                               Barry DePaoli, Superintendent


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