Decisions to adjust school start times or close schools are warranted when conditions effecting roads, power, water, sewer, and other environmental factors or illness affect the safety of our staff and students.         


How decisions are made: Decisions to change the regular day are made by the Superintendent of Schools in consultation with the Director of Transportation between 5 and 6 am.  Any delay or closure is only made after consultation with regional experts related to the type of conditions creating the concern. For example, snow delays are based on reports from the County Department of Transportation, local law enforcement, and our District Transportation Supervisor. In addition, local school districts are often consulted (Manson, Orondo and Wenatchee).


How Decisions are communicated: Once the decision is made to change the school schedule information parents will be notified by 7 am through the following communication outlets:

  1. Text Notification through the auto-dialer system
  2. Website Announcements:
  3. Social Media Posts: Facebook and Twitter Feeds
  4. Local Media is notified immediately of ANY type of school schedule change:

KOZI Radio:  100.9FM, 93.5FM, and 1230AM and online at

Lake ChelanNow news at


Conditions that justify school delay or closure:

  1. Very heavy snowfall that prohibit buses with snow chains from traveling their routes, or
  2. Freezing rain causing treacherous driving conditions.


A challenge in any change in schedule is the fact that not all conditions affect all schools or all families. For example, your own neighborhood may have unplowed roads, while the rest of the District roads are plowed and sanded. 

Lake Chelan School District includes all types of public and private roads where conditions are variable.


Common types of school schedule modifications include: 

  1. Morning delays (Late Start Schedule)

This is most common with heavy snow and ice conditions that require additional plowing or sanding. Fortunately, the Chelan and Douglas County Road Departments are very effective at having bus routes plowed and sanded by 6:30 AM, which is when most of our buses leave on their routes.  Should school be delayed due to bad weather conditions we will automatically revert to a Late Start Schedule.  In such cases, our Pre-School program will be cancelled for the entire day.


  1. Early Releases (PM Session)

All after school practices and activities will be canceled as well as out of district travel.

Important: Sending students home early is problematic as many parents will not be at home when their students are dropped off early. In locations prone to heavy drifting snow, early releases are more common. Parents in these areas need to plan for this and consider having neighbors or other family members who will supervise their children until parents can get home.


  1. School Closures (Full Day)

No evening activities or out of district travel. (Occasionally evening activities will get reinstated if afternoon conditions significantly improve throughout the region.)  Whenever possible, parents and students will be informed the night before, or by 7 am the morning of the closure. The decision to delay or close school is taken very seriously. We realize how disruptive this can be for working parents that have to plan for the care of their children. 

Lake Chelan School District encourages parents to provide both email and current phone numbers for text alerts.                  

Both of these communication tools continue to become more common for emergency type communications.

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