Click Here for a Copy of the Community Service Log

HDCA could use some volunteers for the Small Town Christmas activities this weekend. They need 2-3 students to help with Graham Cracker Cottages at the Vogue on Saturday from 9-11am and other positions as well. Go to historicchelan.org and scroll down and click on Small Town Christmas to sign up.

Anyone looking for volunteer hours… Manger Mall needs you! They need help with loading & unloading toys. Shifts available are Friday, Dec. 13th at 3:45pm and Sunday, Dec. 15th at 9:00. To sign up, please see Mrs. Nygreen.

Looking for community service hours? Deepwater Electronics needs help with their electronics recycling program! They need help loading and unloading some materials they’ve already collected, before winter sets in. They also would like volunteers to help with their electronics recycling event this spring! If interested, contact Ken Moore at 509-682-4529 or ken@deepwaterelectronics.com.

If you are interested in data analysis and computer modeling of data, check out this community service opportunity...local, lots of hours, and lots of cool experience with real world yet local data from the lake and surrounding streams. Click HERE for more info.  See April Slagle for contact info.

Tutors Needed: Math (Algebra/Geometry), STEM & English. Date: Mon-Fri.  Time: 3:15-4:15  Location: Library.  Contact: Adam Poush, 509-860-1945 or pousha@chelanschools.org