The sixth grade class at CMS has the opportunity each year to participate in an Outdoor Education Program. Normally, since its inception, students, teachers Forest Service personal, additional volunteers and presenters have traveled up-lake to Holden Village for this adventure.

Due to the Holden Mine Remediation currently taking place around the village, our last 2 years, as well as this upcoming year, we will travel to the North Cascades Institute on Highway 20. For this outdoor educational experience, we divide the 6th graders into 2 groups, one attending M-W and the other going on W-F. The staff at NCI provides our students with 2 1/2 days’ worth of highly engaging outdoor (mainly) and indoor activities. This year’s 2016 trip will be taking place during the week of May 23 – 27. More details to follow, as the date approaches. Please feel free to contact any of the 6th grade teachers for additional information.