The District provides services to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade with developmental disabilities. These programs include:

  • Life Skills
  • Resource Room

Elementary Life Skills
The Elementary Intensive Support program serves students across the district who have moderate to severe academic delays.

Intensive Support staff provides "specialized instruction" in the areas of social skills, behavior management, and core academic skills in small-group settings. The Intensive Support teachers also:

  • Consult with building teams regarding student behavioral management plans, instructional interventions, and ways to support inclusion in general classroom settings. 
  • Provide parent support and education. 
  • Offer liaison with mental health, medical and other community agencies.

Elementary Model:
The Elementary Learning Support program serves Special Education students across all elementary schools in the District. The program provides small group or 1:1 "specially designed instruction" to students in general classrooms in a push-in model. The targeted areas include: core academics, study skills, and/or behavior management.

Learning Support staff design and monitor specially targeted instruction to meet student needs. They also consult with general classroom teachers and specialist regarding curricular adaptations, test modifications, learning styles, and means of assisting students within general education settings.