The Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy (OT/PT) Department provides services to students aged 3 through 21.

The department serves students with OT/PT needs as part of related services in addition to their academic services. The staff:

  • Evaluate and assesses the educational implications of movement dysfunction, muscle tone/strength, postural alignment/responses, sensory-motor dysfunction, range of motion, balance, coordination, dexterity, respiratory function and reflex integration.
  • Evaluate and assesses orthotic, prosthetic, and adaptive equipment needs; modifies or creates adaptive equipment, splints and furniture.
  • Provide direct small-group or 1:1 therapy either in-class or pull-out at school of attendance or in an OT/PT treatment room.
  • Consult with staff, medical personnel and parents regarding educational programming, equipment adaptations, environmental modifications and disability information.

For more information:

Phone: 509-682-7744