Our morning drop off system is:

  • If students are having breakfast, they are allowed to enter through the office or the back door. Parents may sign in and accompany their child if they would like to do so. When students finish breakfast, they will go out to recess, or wait in the cafeteria until the bell rings to go to class.
  • If students are not having breakfast, they will either go to recess, or go to the cafeteria to wait until the bell rings.
  • During the hours of 7:35–8:30 and 2:40-3:10, the front parking area is only for parallel loading and unloading of students. There is NO angled parking during these times.
  • Parents please do not leave your car unattended. If you wish to park and bring your child in, please park by the community gym.

During the Day:

  • When dropping off items for your child during the school day, please leave the items at the front office. The items will be delivered to your child’s classroom at an appropriate time so as not to interrupt learning.
  • To maintain safety, when visiting MOE, you can only enter through the front doors. Please be sure to sign in and get a visitor pass.

Our afternoon pick up system is:

  • Kindergarten pick up will be at the back of the building under the covered area.
  • If you have older children, you are welcome to have them meet you in the kindergarten pick up area.