Talented Learners

  • Deep concern with moral values
  • Points out conflicting societal values and challenges authority
  • Sensitive and perceptive about people and environment
  • Is an independent thinker and seeks to act independently
  • Develops inner control and satisfaction
  • Has a high expectation of self, which may lead to frustration with others
  • May tend to be a loner at times
  • May have sense of own uniqueness which leads to feelings of loneliness
  • Intellectually curious, innovative and playful with ideas
  • Enjoys challenge and involvement of intellectual and creative tasks
  • Keen sense of humor
  • Formulates abstractions with facility to move from concrete to abstract level, often skipping intermediate steps
  • Prefers complex tasks and processes information in complex ways
  • May read early, widely, intensely in areas of special interest
  • Acquires basic skills rapidly and with a minimum of practice
  • Comprehends advanced ideas, concepts and implications
  • May have unusual ability to memorize
  • Impatient with detail and drill, which may result in gaps in basic skills
  • Resists requirement of unnecessary detail in completion of tasks
  • Generates many ideas and multiple solutions to problems
  • Expresses self fluently, clearly and forcefully
  • May have capacity for leadership and tends to assume leadership responsibility
  • Creates and invents beyond the parameters of knowledge in the field
  • Improvises and creates with commonplace materials
  • Rebels against irrelevant learning requirements