What is CSI?

  • NOT an alternative school, but a different option
  • Pilot high school based on the Big Picture Learning model.
  • Supports/builds on existing programs at CHS, Running Start, Tech Center, College in-the-High School, CTE Pathways

Why CSI?

  • CSI is another pathway for students to find their passion, talents, skills.
  • Increased options for diverse array of students.
  • Passion, relevance, and ownership are the vehicles for motivation and deeper, meaningful learning.
  • Because one model doesn’t work for every student

CSI Guiding Philosophies

  • Empower Self Discovery
  • Promote & Support Design Thinking
  • Inquiry-Based, Passion-Driven Learning is Deeper Learning
  • Project-Based Learning Increases Collaboration and Critical Thinking
  • The Achievement Gap Can be Closed by addressing the Opportunity Gap
  • Foster an Entrepreneurial Growth Mindset
  • Competency-Based Assessment Promotes Mastery Learning and Tells Each Students’ Story
  • Students Need Advocates, Mentors, and a Support Network
  • Non Cognitive Skills are Integral to Student Achievement
  • Mistakes are a Foundation for Growth

CSI Learning Principles

  • Leaning must be based on each student’s interests and needs.
  • Curriculum must be relevant to the student and allow them to do real work in the real world.
  • Student growth and abilities must be measured by the quality of their work and how it changes them.

CSI Learning Design

Community Outreach

  • Increase Collaboration Between Students and the Community
  • Service Learning & Community Service Projects Required at all Levels–Tied to Senior Focus Project in 12th Grade
  • Job Shadows for 9th and 10th
  • Internships for 11th and 12th Grade Students

Learning Through Internships (LTI’s)

  • High School Meets the Real World
  • Students Paired with Industry Export Mentors
  • Projects Connected to Student Interests/Passion

Grade Level Expectations

(documented evidence, reflection, and competency/credit completion)

  • Semester Exhibitions
  • Student Narratives
  • LTIs – Job Shadows & Internships
  • Personal Interest Projects
  • Community Service
  • Regular Attendance
  • Evidence demonstrating growth/achievement of substantial learning in each Competency