Summary of School Board Districts


Director District 1 includes the Grandview Resort, part of neighborhood between Columbia Ave. and Webster Ave., South Chelan, the west side of the Chelan River down the hill encompassing Chelan Falls, Stayman Flats along the Columbia River, District Boundary Line to the west including Navarre Coulee, Holden Village, Lucerne and the South Shore of the lake back to the Grandview Resort.


Director District 2 includes part of the neighborhood between Webster Ave and the Chelan River, Don Morse and City Trailer Parks, most of Gibson Ave, part of Highland Ave to the hospital, parts of E Johnson Ave., parts of N Clifford St., the south side of 97A (North toward Pateros) to the Columbia River, District Boundary line to the south including McNeil Canyon and the northern part of Orondo (north of Drinkwater Dr. and the East side of the Columbia River in Douglas County).


Director District 3 includes part of Gibson Ave., the golf course, the north shore of the lake from the City Trailer Park almost to Veroske Rd., Benson Vineyards, parts of Wapato Butte Rd., all of Boyd Loop Road, Cooper Gulch, Swanson Gulch, Echo Valley, Union Valley, Antoine Creek, Apple Acres Rd. north almost to the Columbia River by Azwell Dam, the north side of 97A including the Airport, Walmart, Sun Crest, Sargent Field, and the north two blocks between N Clifford St. and N Washington St.


If there is a question about what director district number a residential property sits in, Georgia Mashayekh, District Administrative Assistant, can check maps to confirm.  509-682-3515