Visitors are always welcome at School Board Meetings. The purpose of Board meetings is for the Board of Directors to conduct its business in public, not to provide a public forum. However, the Board is interested in receiving input from the community members on various agenda items. In, addition, each regular Board meeting agenda includes a Public Comment section during which citizens may address the Board regarding topics that are not listed on the agenda.

The following will apply to all who wish to address the board during the Public Comment Section:

  1. Sign-up before the meeting begins on the sheet provided.
  2. Wait to be recognized by the Board President at the appropriate point on the agenda and introduce yourself before sharing remarks.
  3. Speaking time may be limited to ensure that all those interested have the opportunity to speak. Public comments usually take no more than three to five minutes per comment.
  4. The Board will limit public comment on a particular topic to no more than 30 minutes.

While the Board welcomes and anticipates positive input, the Board President may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when it is personally directed, abusive, obscene, irrelevant, or too lengthy. The Board will not entertain complaints regarding an individual staff member or student in a public session unless that individual has requested a public hearing.


In addition to addressing the Board at a regular meeting, citizens may also bring issues to the attention of the Board by writing to the School Board or by telephoning or emailing individual Board members.  Citizens are reminded that all written communications addressed to school officials, including e-mail messages, may be considered public records.


Citizens are encouraged to try and resolve issues with teachers, school principals, other district personnel or the superintendent before bringing matters to the Board of Directors.

Refer to Board Policy 1400 for Meeting Conduct, Order of Business and Quorum