Leading For Change



Members of the Inclusionary Practices Team (IPT) will be participating in a year-long book study to inform planning and implementation through the lens of Universal Design.

The book study will be facilitated by teacher leaders and connected to scheduled IPT meetings.


The Inclusionary Practices Project will cause us to review all elements of our school system, as well as to ensure that all of the necessary elements for instituting complex change are in place. To this end, we will also be reviewing and refining our district vision.


Creating momentum for change requires tapping into the purpose of the participants. We must be clear about why we are considering a major change and how that change aligns with each individuals professional purpose. We must work with all stakeholders to craft and communicate this purpose. Additionally, we must provide enough professional learning and scaffolded opportunities for people to take risks in order to move them beyond the fear zone.

A universally designed approach to leadership allows each participant to access new learning, make sense of it in a way that works best for them, and apply it within the context of their work or role.