Students enrolled from the previous year will automatically continue in the Building-Based program.

Highly Capable Program Director

Tiffany Viall
PO Box 369, Chelan, WA 98816


Designated to handle inquiries about nondiscrimination policies:

Jennan Ross, Title IX Compliance Officer
PO Box 369, Chelan, WA 98816

  • Deep concern with moral values
  • Points out conflicting societal values and challenges authority
  • Sensitive and perceptive about people and environment
  • Is an independent thinker and seeks to act independently
  • Develops inner control and satisfaction
  • Has a high expectation of self, which may lead to frustration with others
  • May tend to be a loner at times
  • May have sense of own uniqueness which leads to feelings of loneliness
  • Intellectually curious, innovative and playful with ideas
  • Enjoys challenge and involvement of intellectual and creative tasks
  • Keen sense of humor
  • Formulates abstractions with facility to move from concrete to abstract level, often skipping intermediate steps
  • Prefers complex tasks and processes information in complex ways
  • May read early, widely, intensely in areas of special interest
  • Acquires basic skills rapidly and with a minimum of practice
  • Comprehends advanced ideas, concepts and implications
  • May have unusual ability to memorize
  • Impatient with detail and drill, which may result in gaps in basic skills
  • Resists requirement of unnecessary detail in completion of tasks
  • Generates many ideas and multiple solutions to problems
  • Expresses self fluently, clearly and forcefully
  • May have capacity for leadership and tends to assume leadership responsibility
  • Creates and invents beyond the parameters of knowledge in the field
  • Improvises and creates with commonplace materials
  • Rebels against irrelevant learning requirements

Selection procedures include a nomination process each Spring and Fall. Nominations can be from anyone (parent, teacher, community member) including academic and creativity assessment data. Potential students must have written parent permission prior to cognitive testing. A selection committee composed of teachers, counselor/school psychologist, and administrators will make the final selection of students eligible for the program.

Selection is based on academic assessments, a cognitive assessment, and teacher/parent ratings on learning, motivation, and creativity. The selection committee reviews data on each student, substituting student numbers for names to protect confidentiality. Parents will receive a letter following the selection committee’s decision for placement in the program.

PLEASE NOTE: No more than (2) assessments will be administered within a (4) year period. Re-tests must be at least one calendar year from the date of previous testing. Out of district testing must have prior approval of the Highly Capable Program Coordinator. Testing from other sources will be considered as additional information only.