2020 Band Award Recipients



2019-2020 FINAL AWARDS

Award Definitions:

Most Improved:

Awarded to students that have shown a great deal of growth this year through hard work, perseverance and dedication.  Advancing their skills rapidly and contributing to the band in musical ways that show a deeper commitment and understanding of how their part benefits the overall ensemble.

Outstanding Musician:

Awarded to students that have performed above and beyond the expectation.  Excelling at the highest musical levels and showing great musical leadership in the ensemble.  These students are consistently performing in the most musical fashions and encourage others to reach a higher musical level.

Director Award:

Awarded to students that contribute to the positive atmosphere of the band classroom.  These students are the first to show appreciation, care for their fellow musicians, and help everyone create a meaningful experience.  They share a passion for life and a love for music.  Enriching the lives of everyone in the ensemble.


Most Improved:

  • Omar Casteneda – Flute
  • Hyuan Otom – Clarinet
  • Yared Barajas – Clarinet
  • Josue Garcia Luiz – Trumpet
  • Rocco Domser – Trumpet
  • Kasey Sweeney – Trombone
  • Johannes Lund – Percussion

Outstanding Musician:

  • Johanna Hurtado – Flute
  • Cicily D’Orazio – Clarinet/Alto Saxophone
  • Jesse Evans – Alto Saxophone
  • Jayden Burdick – Trumpet
  • Kole Nelson – Trumpet
  • Wyatt Tilbury – Trombone
  • Bryce Ware – Percussion

Directors’ Award:

  • Lupita Jimenez – Flute
  • Elias Ruelas – Clarinet
  • Ellisa Milliette – Clarinet
  • Josie Bekel – Alto Saxophone
  • Tanner Orestad – Trumpet
  • Brooklinn Cumpton – Trumpet
  • Cash Eygabroad – Trumpet
  • Millie Ensminger – Trombone
  • Caleb Wood – Percussion



Most Improved:

  • Gracie Gilsoul – Clarinet
  • Emanuel Cazarez-Rubalcava – Trumpet
  • Zimri Kelling – Tuba

Outstanding Musician: 

  • Conrad Green – Trombone
  • Jonah Simmons – French Horn
  • Avari Barker – Flute

Director’s Award:

  • Luke Hefley – Alto Saxophone
  • Angela Rios – Clarinet
  • Wade Sanderson – Trumpet

Hardest Working Musician Award: 

  • Conrad Green – Trombone

Miss Musical Ray of Sunshine Award: 

  • India McCoy – Flute

Most Connected to His Instrument Award: 

  • Wade Sanderson – Trumpet



Most Improved:

  • Chris Knight – Tenor Saxophone
  • Lauren Ware – Piano
  • Audrey Gilleland – Trombone

Outstanding Musician: 

  • Charlie Bordner – Trumpet
  • Caroline Kelly – Trumpet
  • Ashlyn Sanderson – Alto Saxophone

Director’s Award: 

  • Luke Simmons – Tenor Saxophone
  • Levi Jeffries – Bass
  • Casey Simpson – Alto Saxophone

Miss Sunshine Award: 

  • Caroline Kelly

Black Coffee – The Early Bird Gets The Worm Award: 

  • Luke Simmons

Water – The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese Award: 

  • Charlie Bordner



Most Improved:

  • David Kelly – Oboe
  • Troy Melton – Trombone
  • Braden Vincent – Baritone Saxophone

Outstanding Musician:

  • Eli Becerril – Trumpet
  • Maleigha Peterson – Percussion
  • Natalie Islas – Tuba

Director’s Award:

  • Carly Hefley – Flute
  • Elizabeth Peebles – Flute
  • Chloe Desgroseillier – Tenor Saxophone
  • Gio D’Orazio – Flute

Positive Attitude Award: 

  • Sam Bordner – Trumpet

Funniest Musician Award: 

  • Rylan Moody – Percussion

Most Likely to Talk to Her Instrument Award: 

  • Kyla Otom – Trumpet


State Solo & Ensemble Award: 

  • Caroline Kelly – Trumpet

All State Band Award:

  • Isabella Evans – Baritone Saxophone


  • Jeremy Avery – Percussion
  • David Chavez – Bass Clarinet
  • Jayauna Doolin – Flute
  • Mason Dowd – Clarinet
  • Isabella Evans – Baritone Saxophone
  • Haylee Fry – Trumpet
  • Audrey Gilleland – Trombone
  • Caroline Kelly – Trumpet
  • Christopher Knight – Tenor Saxophone
  • Macaela LaPorte – Clarinet
  • Nicole Manier – Contra Bass Clarinet
  • Alex Marron – Tuba
  • JJ Mercado – Tuba
  • Max Nimz – Flute
  • Ashlyn Sanderson – Alto Saxophone
  • Casey Simpson – Alto Saxophone
  • Jaid Tilbury – Alto Saxophone
  • Nico Toe – Trumpet
  • Ella Tschetter – Trumpet
  • Nadia VanWechel – Flute
  • Zach Zavala – Clarinet

Director’s Award:

  • Jamie Bekel – Alto Saxophone
  • Amberly Guerrero – Clarinet
  • JJ Mercado – Tuba

Most Improved:

  • Kya Holmes – Flute
  • Alex Marron Andrade – Tuba
  • Pablo Mendez – Baritone Saxophone

Outstanding Musician:

  • Isabella Evans – Baritone Saxophone
  • Caroline Kelly – Trumpet
  • Max Nimz – Flute
  • Casey Simpson – Alto Saxophone

Most Likely to Use her Instrument to Survive the Apocalypse Award: 

  • Isabella Evans – Baritone Saxophone

The Coolest Chaperone for Disneyland Award: 

  • JJ Mercado – Tuba

The Reason Mr. Burdick has Grey Hair Award: 

  • Holden Nichols – Percussion

The 12th John Duff Musician of the Year Award:

This award goes to a student that exemplifies the traits of Mr. John Duff.  Someone who gives of their talents and asks of nothing in return.  Someone who shares their passion for music with everyone around them for the benefit of the entire group.  This student performs at a very high level and represents our community in music events across our region and state.

Previous winners:  John Duff, Josiah Hunter, Forest Brown, Kailen Swensen, Marcus Ray, Jenny Sundberg, Gio Reyes, John Duff, Gustavo Vega-Ramirez, Annika Nolen, Mereck Palazzo, Jonathan Zelaya, Scott Abel, Jacob Bekel, Gavynn Peterson & Dylan Bainbridge

  • 2020 Winner:  Caroline Kelly

Superior Volunteer Award:

This award goes to a person that has donated their most valuable resource of time.  They give of their time in order to better the experience of students in band and our community.  This award recognizes their efforts to help make a better experience for all those involved in the Chelan Music Department.

Previous winners:  Paul Hunter, Jon Cantor, (tie) Carolyn Hood, Karen & Jerry Greenway, Linda Miner (twice), Barry DePaoli, John Duff,  Danelle Evans, Tammy Hunter, Leslie Poole, DeAnne Sanderson, John Duff, Steve Sturzl from Chinook Music

  • 2020 Winners:  Jessica Nygreen & Brandi Simpson

Perseverance Award: 

This is a new award in 2020 that recognizes a student that has worked hard to excel over the past 8 years in band.  They continued to work hard through this current time of uncertainty in our world.  Many opportunities were taken from them during this time, yet they chose to finish the year strong in spite of these circumstances.  Often a silent leader that quietly inspired other musicians to reach their full potential, this student has used the past 8 years to grow into a fine musician.

Previous winners:  New Award This Year

  • 2020 Winner:  Casey Simpson
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