2022 LCSD Squat Challenge

The Air Squat Challenge is back!!   

In celebration of our 150th consecutive day of school, We are asking everyone in our district to stand up for their health and participate on May 5th in our 150 day Challenge. The Health and Physical Education Department is challenging everyone (all staff and students) in the district to help us reach a goal of more than 30,00 air squats.

                    WHAT: District wide 1 minute air squat challenge

That’s right we want everyone in the Lake Chelan School District to Participate:  Kindergarten to High School, INCLUDING ALL Staff- Bus Garage to Maintenance to the District Office

Our GOAL is to complete more  than 30,000 air squats on this day throughout the entire district.  Our last Challenge total was 30899!!!!!!!

                   WHEN: May 5th 1:50 PM (75th Day of School)

                    WHY: We don’t need to tell you that the squat is worth doing, but there are probably more benefits to doing squats                                            than you’re aware of.

See or email Mr. Harris (harrisj@chelanschools.org) if you have any questions!

Click here to see the Air Squat in detail.

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