After School Professionals Appreciation Week 4/19-4/23

Next week is After School Professionals Appreciation Week!  We are so thankful for our after school staff at LCSD.

Rosey Burkhard (Director of Afters)
Kellie Allen (program assist and STEM class instructor 3-5th grades)
Christine Dennis (Calvert STEAM class instructor Tues and Thurs and STEM class instructor 3-5th grades)
Jill Deal (Art – all grade levels at MOE)
Suz Taylor (STEM class instruction K-2nd grades)
Cari Schwader (STEM class instruction K-2nd grades)
Sandy Gavin (Art assist PM)
Sherri Lucas (Art assist AM)
Caroline Wells (CMS classroom support)
This year, our amazing after school staff assisted with:
1.  Homework packet assembly and delivery (mostly completed via volunteer hours) after schools closed in March 2020
2.  Assisted with food service assembly as needed
3.  COVID support – assisted me with getting all district buildings marked with signs, socially distance markers interior and exterior, signs posted, etc.
4.  MOE drop-off and pick-up routines
5.  Masks breaks; meal delivery to MOE classrooms
6.  CMS temp checks, connectivity student supervision, skills help in some classrooms
7.  All other support needed from building principals. (copies, student assessments)
8.  STEAM classes for Calvert and MOE students
Thank you for all that you do!!

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