After School Professionals Appreciation Week

After School Professionals Appreciation Week – April 20-April 24

Thank you to our After School Professionals!  We appreciate all that you’ve done and all that you are currently doing to make our students feel loved!  The LCSD wouldn’t be able to reach students in the same way without all of you!

Pictured above: Our new Afters Team uniforms and wands as they prepare for crossing guard duty on Woodin Ave and Bradley St.

A message from Rosey Burkhard (Afters Director) to our Afters staff:

This virtual hug is sent to all After School Professionals who have come before me and work with me, this week we share together as unique educators that dominate the after school hours.  It takes a special heart to gather up each afternoon to try and find creative ways to keep kids motivated.  It is because of people like you our Afters Program is as successful as it’s ever been.

Please take a moment to reflect and congratulate yourself on your commitment to After School and the students we connect with.  Though it is not often recognized, your loyalty and passion to this Afters program is and will always be recognized by me – your most vocal and steadfast cheerleader.

Thank you all and congratulations.  Stay safe.

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