Chelan Athletics Philosophy Statement


Chelan High School integrates interscholastic athletics into the educational process by providing a program that has a lasting impact on the future success of its students.  We believe that through education, competition, and a positive personal environment, students learn to develop the following core values:

*Growth Mindset *Integrity *Accountability *Passion 

These values embody the school’s mission of “empowering each student to develop his or her full potential.” Additionally, we believe that a successful, highly competitive athletic program will serve as a source of civic pride and ultimately enhance our school and unite the Chelan community.

CORE VALUES: What does it mean to be a GOAT?

Growth Mind-Set:

  • We embrace challenges, we learn from our mistakes, and we recognize the importance of attitude and effort both on and off the field and in the classroom.  We are inspired by the success of our teammates.


  • We are morally and ethically driven individuals who understand the responsibility we carry in representing our school and the community.  We use our sense of pride in a positive way to guide our actions by adopting an attitude of grace and humility.


  • We do what we say and build trust by living up to our team commitments.  We “honor the game” by demonstrating sportsmanship and respecting ourselves, our opponents, our game officials, our coaches, and the spectators.


  • We exude a compelling desire and enthusiasm by competing to be our best each and every day both in the classroom and on the playing field.
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