Congrats CMS Drama Club!!

The CMS Drama Club has finished our production of Are We There Yet? The More or Less True Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It was a fun show, and the kids were amazing! Thank you to all who came to see the show and who have supported the kids throughout our production. If you see these students, please congratulate them on a job well done!

Meriwether Lewis- Evan Hooten

Wendy Clark- Evelyn LeFebre

Dr. Dull- April Alatorre Vasquez

Dr. Kean- James Collins

Thomas Jefferson- James Fehr

Messenger & Lakota 1- Emily Anaya

Congressman 1 & Penelope- Francesca Alteio

Congressman 2 & Explorer 2- Caden Jenkins

Alberta Gallatin & Lakota 3- Tanisha Saavedra-Alvarado

Salesman- Adriana Franco

York (Clark’s assistant)- Ximena Mercado

Roben (explorer)- Brianna Mendoza

Georgina (explorer)- Brianna Richardson

Francois (explorer)- Samuel Fehr

Charbonneau (explorer/guide)- Ani Salinas

Dog- Bently Sanchez

Sign Changer- Alexa Martinez

Stage Crew- Holden Alteio, Estee Flynn, Cameron Hixson and Payton Richardson

Spotlight Operator- Katie Eickmeyer

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