LCSD Board Minutes 04/12/2022




DATE: April 12, 2022

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Hybrid Meeting (in-person at District Learning Center and online)

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Kim Thorpe, Jeff Fehr, Erik Nelson, Barb Polley, Stephanie Fuller, Todd Hausman, KC Knudson, Erin Morin, Bo Charlton, Rob Rainville, Sarah Sanderson, Lyla Guerrero, McKenna Porter, Averi Barker, Owen Sanderson, Christopher Alexander, Erin Alexander, Brian Wood, Brad Wilson, Amber Corrigan, Annie Pankow, Briceida Gonzalez, Britney Carter, Carrie Austin, Danita Breeze, Erik Peterson, Jamie Mack, Jayme Berg, Jennifer Polley, Kris Austin, Krystina Nelson, Lindsay Wood, Lisa Gleasman, Cindy Bertomeu, Pam King, Rebecca Benson, Stephanie Rogers, Tammy Williams, Tara Cunningham, Vero Ruiz, and Georgia Mashayekh



  • Call to Order

Kim Thorpe called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

There were no changes to the agenda.

Jeff moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



Barry congratulated Brad Wilson on being chosen as the new LCSD Superintendent starting July 1, 2022.

Barry shared the All Staff Breakfast brochure with info on the district retirees and resigning employees.

This breakfast is an opportunity to honor staff with everyone able to be together for the first time without masks since March of 2020.

On Monday April 11th, the Lake Chelan School District announced their 2021-2022 Employees of the Year at the Annual All Staff Breakfast.  Our District recognizes both a classified and a certificated employee each year.

Employees are nominated by colleagues and district administrators.  Awards are based on four main criteria:

  • Work Performance
  • School / Community Involvement
  • Leadership
  • Service that goes above and beyond

This year, the certificated category drew 18 nominations on behalf of 13 teachers.  April Slagle, CHS Science teacher and Department Head was this year’s Certificated Employee of the Year.

On the classified side of the district, 23 nominations were submitted on behalf of 15 classified employees. Jocelyn Reeves, Head Cook at the Middle/High School and Veronica Ruiz, District Migrant Student Advocate were this year co-winners.

The Lake Chelan School District is extremely proud to recognize these outstanding employees based on their accomplishments this past school year.



  • MS ASB Report – Advisor Rob Rainville & Students

Rob introduced students representing the MS ASB.  The students shared a presentation about the Leadership Class and what they have done both at school and in the community.  There are several projects that they do throughout the year to honor staff and students.  They also do research projects learning about all different kinds of leaders in the world. To honor leaders both past and present the students have researched and made posters during Hispanic Heritage Month, Veterans’ Day, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Education Support Professionals, and Small Business Appreciation Day to bring awareness to all students.

Random Acts of Kindness are done periodically through the year with stickers on lockers and staff mailboxes, kind posters, and character dares.  This year the students collected socks for all of the students in the District and met their goal of collecting 1400 pairs of socks!

Character Strong is the curriculum has a leadership component for the students to learn how to be good leaders in their school.



  • Life Skills Program – Christopher Alexander

Christopher shared a presentation about what the Life Skills Program is at Chelan Middle/High School. There is a transition program that helps the students transition from the school and classroom out into the community.  He explained what they focus on in education/training, employment, and independent living skills.

He explained to the Board the different steps that are taken for kids with autism to learn life skills such as washing hands, brushing teeth, loading a dishwasher, washing dishes, etc.  Having visual steps for students in life skills can help all students.

The Life Skills class has started a business this year of making dog bones. It is called Buddy’s Biscuits and all proceeds go back into the program.  At this time all sales have been within the district, but they eventually they would like to move sales out into the community. Andrea Menin has been instrumental in getting the biscuit business off the ground and running.

Along with the biscuit business there are other jobs in the school and District that allow for the students to practice job skills.  The students earn play money with these jobs that allow them to practice life skills at the Life Skills Variety Store on Fridays. These activities provide incentive and growth for the students.

Chris thanked Brad and Barry for all of their support in the transition program and life-skills variety store. He also thanked the MS/HS Life Skills support staff as the program wouldn’t be as successful without them.



  • MOE Class Placement Protocol – Erin Morin

Erin talked about the challenges in creating balanced classes with teachers, friends, ESL, SPED, diversity, academic and peer skill levels. Over the years there have been requests from parents for students to have certain teachers or have their friends in their class.

MOE has been using an online software program for the past couple of years where teachers can enter information about the students that may help placement with their personalities, academic skills, and maturity. Erin shared a video on this software.

She also shared the annual letter and form that goes out to parents annually for their input about their student. This form is kept confidential with Erin and Todd.

The principals, counselors, and teacher leaders review the software generated classroom creations several times prior to making the final class lists. Letters are sent out in August for student placement.

There is a district MOE dialer that goes out every Sunday to families via calls, texts, and emails.  This regular communication will include the class placement information soon for the 2022-2023 school year.



  • Superintendent – Barry DePaoli

Barry shared a letter that he wrote to WA DOH on behalf of the school board in disagreement student vaccine mandates.  This letter is available on the district website.

        – Capital Projects Overview

Barry shared a presentation about Capital Projects with information about fund guidelines, revenue sources (rental leases), a list of necessary projects created with supervisors and administrators, and a maintenance summer “punch list”.   The capital projects covered information about maintenance, transportation, school facilities, and athletic programs (short term and long term).  The District has 30 acres of grass to cut, so is in need of commercial mowers for the larger fields.

Barry proposed to the board to make the refacing of the current CSI/Pre School 2 story building a priority (324 E. Johnson Ave.) in order to get building materials ordered and have the project done this summer.  This building needs a facelift to repair the old disintegrating siding.

This is perfect time to look at some of these projects as the district moves forward from the pandemic.



  • Review of Building Needs / Upgrades

Kim paused the regular meeting so that the Board could walk over to see the building at 324 E Johnson Ave.

They visited the classrooms and saw the need for new siding and windows.



Barry shared that he and Bo have talked about changes in the Minimum Fund Balance. Discussion was whether 5-6% is enough.  Bo stated that across the region many districts have a minimum fund balance of 8-9% of the prior year’s actual expenditures.

The Board decided to take all of these policies for a second reading.



  • Approval of New Superintendent Contract

Erik moved and Jeff seconded a motion to approve the Superintendent Contract with Brad Wilson; motion carried.

Jeff moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve Resolution 2022-01 as presented, motion carried.

  • Acceptance of work bid for 324 E Johnson Ave.

Barb moved and Erik seconded a motion to accept the bid for siding and windows for 324 E Johnson Ave.; motion carried.

Stephanie asked a question about the differences in Base pay in different departments. Bo said that he would check on that.

Jeff moved and Barb seconded a motion to accept all of the Payroll and Payables as presented; motion carried.

Erik moved and Barb seconded a motion to accept the personnel changes as presented; motion carried.



To discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

Kim moved the board to Executive Session at 8:17pm for approximately 30 minutes to discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken.



Kim Thorpe reconvened the board to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.


______________________________           _______________________________________

Kim Thorpe, Board Chair                                                Barry DePaoli, Superintendent


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