LCSD Board Minutes 08/06/2020

DATE: August 6, 2020
TIME: 5:00 PM
LOCATION: Online meeting
Barry DePaoli, Jeff Fehr, Lynda Foster, Ken Brunner, Agustin Benegas-Garcia, Kim Thorpe,
Brad Wilson, Todd Hausman, Rosey Burkhard, Jeff Barker, Tammy Williams, Amber Corrigan, Jennifer
Polley, Stefani Morgan, Jamie Mack, K.C. Knudson, Katherine D’Orazio, Stephanie Rogers, Richard
Uhlhorn, Dennis Rahm, Krissy Newkirk, Jody Petersen, Wil Johnson, Lisa Gresham, Linday Wood, Skylar,
Cailey Couch, Kristi Collins, Michelle Fanton, and Georgia Mashayekh
Call to Order
Jeff Fehr called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.
Approval of Agenda
There are no changes to the agenda.
Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items
There were no public comments.
Superintendent recommendation
After much work with the Chelan Douglas Health District, the State Department of Health and
collaboration with regional superintendents, Barry’s recommendation is to start the 2020-2021 school
year fully online.
The board and Barry discussed reasons for the recommendation.
In Chelan County, according to regional health experts, there are 20 times the number of positive
COVID19 cases over the State Department of Health (DOH) guidelines for the last seven days. The
direction from the Chelan Douglas County Health Department is that schools start school 100%
remotely. There is a possibility of having up to 5 students per classroom attend for in-person instruction
based on OSPI Guidelines. Priority would be given to Special Education, Lifeskills, Homeless and students
who do not have internet access.
If the district chose to go against DOH guidelines and lose a staff member or a student, the district
would not be able to get insurance coverage. The insurance will not cover a potential risk of bringing in
more than 5 students per classroom.
In order to bring students (groups of 5 per classroom) into the buildings a plan must be submitted and
approved by the Chelan Douglas County Health District. The hybrid model of bringing students into
school on a part time basis is not an option at this time with the health district.

Concerns were expressed regarding starting remotely for young children when parents are unable to
support them at home. Some parents feel that online learning is not conducive to working parents even
if they are able to work from home.
The district will do what they can to support families with curriculum and technology.
When the county can hold an acceptable transmission rate for at least 14 days there is a possibility that
school buildings can reopen. In order for students to be able to attend school in person the
transmission rates must be at 25/100,000 based on CDCH guidelines.
Childcare is a challenging dilemma for many parents. The district needs the help of the community to
get numbers down before classes can resume in the buildings. There is a need to address the health
risks as a community first to get schools back in person and keep local businesses open.
Barry spoke to the fact of how difficult it was for both students and staff this past spring when classes
went remote. The administrators are currently developing plans for attendance, grading,
communication, instruction, independent activities, equity, and extra support. Schedules will be
finalized in the near future.
Questions were taken from the online chat that were answered by Barry and the School Board.
There was a question if any school districts have challenged their local health district recommendations
to open schools to students. All of the State health districts are recommending distance learning.
The district can change this option during the school year according to community numbers and health
care needs. The school district will be denied insurance should they choose to disregard the advice of
their local health district guidelines during the COVID19 Pandemic.
CSI is working on similar plans as Chelan High School. There are plans to provide families with
curriculum that fits their needs.
The Standard Operating Procedures for each department continued to be developed and will be shared
with the board as part of the reopening plan.
There will be an in-person orientation for students and parents during the first week of school if
approved by the CDHD. The district is looking into possible options for families that choose to continue
with distance learning for the full year.
Decision on model to start 2020-21 school year
Ken moved and Agustin seconded a motion to approve the distance learning model recommended by
Barry DePaoli with the additional request to the local health department to allow 5 students per
classroom according to the model presented in the OSPI guidelines; motion was approved by Ken,
Agustin, Lynda, Jeff, and voted against by Kim.
Jeff Fehr adjourned the meeting at 5:47pm.

Jeff Fehr, Superintendent
Barry DePaoli, Superintendent


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