LCSD Board Minutes 11/28/2022




DATE: November 28, 2022

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Hybrid Meeting (in-person at District Learning Center and online)

PRESENT: Brad Wilson, Kim Thorpe, Jeff Fehr, Barb Polley, Erik Nelson, Stephanie Fuller, Evan Reister, Terry Sanders, Bill Sibbers, Allan Simmons, Sage Brummer, Joel Tejada-Garcia, Hayley Stocker, Aden Occhiline, Tiffany Viall, Rosey Burkhard, Bo Charlton, Jody Petersen, Tammy Williams, Lisa Gleasman, and Georgia Mashayekh



  • Call to order

Kim Thorpe called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



Jeff moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the consent agenda as presented; motion carried.



  • Athletics – Evan Reister

Evan thanked the Board for the opportunity to work as the District Athletic Director.

He gave an update of fall sports with numbers of athletes at each school. 126 participated at CMS and 136 participated at CHS. CHS athletes had a 98% retention rate throughout the season.

Evan gave details about regional and state honors, nominations, awards, and competitions.

Winter sports has 38 CHS boys and 20 girls playing basketball. This year there are 30 wrestlers at CHS prior to combining the team with Manson SD.

There will be a celebration of the 1A State Volleyball Champion team at CHS on 12/6.



Sage Brummer, Joel Tejada-Garcia, and Hayley Stocker shared a presentation with information on what Leaving to Learn is and where they have traveled this school year.  They shared pictures and impressions of the trips. Leaving to Learn opportunities help students learn about careers and programs that they may be interested in studying.

Rosey shared a presentation with information about the LCSD Wellness Committee, goals for the committee, Talking Trash Tour, Central WA University internship from Sep. to Nov., and a CMS/CHS Student Survey.


  • Celebrations

Thank you to the Student Nutrition Staff who made full Thanksgiving dinners last week at both buildings.  MOE celebrated with a parent luncheon which students and parents look forward to each year.

Students at the MS/HS have quickly learned new lunchtime routines with the return of entering their ID number into a computer and how they pick up their food.

Thank you to student clubs who helped feed the community over Thanksgiving weekend. Todos United and Chelan Project clubs helped at the Apple Cup on Thanksgiving Day while Mr. Gonzalez and FCCLA students cooked up meals for 10 families.

  • WSSDA Conference Discussion

Brad and the Board members attended the annual WSSDA conference Nov. 16-19 in Spokane.

Brad had the Board talk about what they experienced at the WSSDA Conference among themselves, then shared some of the ideas with the meeting audience. Some of the take-aways were:

  • All jobs and decisions in a public school district are BECAUSE of kids.
  • Valuable information was gained at every breakout session attended. The Board was grateful to attend.
  • Every year there is more valuable ideas, but there is a feeling that a pre-conference for small school focus would be a good idea.
  • The Board would like to add student representatives to the school board meetings.

Brad thanked the Board for their time in attending the conference.



Bo shared the Year End Presentation covering where the district funds finished the year at and how the revenues were spent. He explained the ESSER funds breakdowns and stabilization dollars.

Bo shared the enrollment and financial reports, answering all of the Board questions.



Jeff moved and Erik seconded a motion to approve the BP 6112 updates as presented; motion carried.

Brad and admin team will talk more with the school nurses and ESD nurses about the policy and procedure.

The MS Leadership class did a survey of students to find out if there was an activity bus how that would help more students participate in CMS sports and clubs after school.  Brad is suggesting that the district try it out in January through May to see what the use would be in a couple of local areas.

Erik moved and Barb seconded to approve the pilot program; motion carried.



  • To discuss the qualifications of an applicant for public employment and/or review the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

Kim moved the Board to Executive Session at 7:33 pm for approximately 15 minutes to discuss the qualifications of an applicant for public employment and/or review the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken.



Kim Thorpe reconvened the board to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 7:45 pm.


_________________________________                   _______________________________________

Kim Thorpe, Board Chair                                                                  Brad Wilson, Superintendent

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