LCSD Board Minutes 12/14/2021



DATE: December 14, 2021

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Hybrid Meeting (in-person at District Learning Center and online)

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Jeff Fehr, Kim Thorpe, Barb Polley, Erik Nelson, Stephanie Fuller, Terry Sanders, Derek Todd, Scott Granger, Erin Morin, Lisa Gleasman, Brad Wilson, Sarah Clarke, Brian Wood, Jess Poland, Rocio Sevilla, Noemi Garcia-Rosas, Krystina Nelson, Todd Hausman, Caitlyn Salgado, Danita Breeze, Erik Peterson, Jayme Berg, Jody Petersen, K.C. Knudson, Kari McLaren, MOE PTO, Tammy Williams, Tara Cunningham, and Georgia Mashayekh



  • Call to Order

Jeff Fehr called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

There are no changes to the agenda.

Barb moved and Kim seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



  • Oath of Office for new Board Directors – Barry DePaoli

         Stephanie Fuller – District #1

                      Barb Polley – District #2

                      Erik Nelson – District #3

Barry led each new Board Member in the Oath of Office for their separate districts.



  • FBLA – Rocio Sevilla, president / Noemi Garcia-Rosas, vice-president

Rocia and Noemi introduced themselves as FBLA leaders and shared a presentation explaining projects and events that FBLA is working on this year. One of the highlights shared by the student leaders was a food pantry system that is supported in a partnership with Thrive.  This pantry offers food to students and families in need. There are about 25 students in the club this year and the leaders listed all the events planned for the club this year.

Barry asked about the food pantry and how many students are being served.  There are approximately 30 students using this opportunity.  Thrive is bringing food to the school.



  • Chelan High School – Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson and Scott Granger shared a presentation including information on aptitude testing, Find Your Grind Program, CTE, areas for improvement, different groups/programs at CHS, Post-secondary options, some assessment data, closing gaps by creating growth for all, increasing post-secondary planning and readiness, increasing purpose and relevance in learning, and The Chelan Way.

Find Your Grind is a new program this year and CHS is working with the developers to make the program relevant to students.  This program compliments the Graduation and Beyond Plan.

Scott shared data info on the CTE (Career and Tech Education) program including current enrollment, new courses, CTE growth in Ag/FFA (Future Farmers of America), and a new opportunity for small engine repair.  Career and Tech Education offers the following programs: Agriculture & Building / FFA, Medical Science / Med Club, Family and Consumer Science / FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), and Business & Computers / FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America).

CHS is looking at developing a Summer Career Connections Program as an extension of the program offered during the school year.  This opportunity would allow  students to earn credits and money while gaining work experience at the same time.


  • Chelan Middle School – Brian Wood

Brian shared a presentation covering information on new electives for students, teachers working on studying and refining current essential standards, ELA i-Ready Reading & Math results, D&F lists by grade and school year, and the upcoming schedule for Health/Sexual education instruction.

He also  shared information about Character Strong and how CMS is applying these concepts on a weekly basis according to curricular themes. He announced that in January the 7th and 8th graders will start wrestling and the girls basketball season.

Barry reiterated that the LCSD has been using the same Health/Sexual Education curriculum for many years and will be more communicative with parents about what is being taught.  The district is already in alignment with State mandates and will not need to make any changes to current curriculum.



  • Superintendent – Barry DePaoli

Barry shared a presentation with information on COVID-19 info, COVID-19 testing, Redistricting Primer, and outlined the District’s Professional Development Workshop on January 3rd.

COVID-19 information included vaccine percentages, NCW Delta Case rate trendline, 2020-2021 comparisons, an overview of  testing programs in the District, and new NCW Delta case rates for November and December 2021.

The District is in the process of developing a Test to Stay program as per guidelines from the CDCH.  Testing and staffing for testing for all of the in the District is covered by grants that have been authored by Barry.

Lisa Gleasman shared the athletic attestation/testing protocol at the MS/HS that was approved by the Board.  She explained how confidentiality was part of the program and the process involved.  Testing is performed 3 times per week and is required for indoor, high-risk sports during the Winter sports season by the WIAA. Barry thanked the district nurses, Ryan McKelvie, Andrea Rodriguez, and Lisa Gleasman for their work in getting the athletic testing program up and running.

There was a question about data on who gets COVID now, who is vaccinated, and who isn’t.  Barry explained that the district nurses, administrators, and human resources communicate the ever-changing data.

There was discussion among the board about redistricting, including having no districts.  Barry said that we need to review the RCWs, see how many registered voters are in each district, and have more discussion on how best to move forward.  Several board members wondered if having no districts would be a better way to attract board members.  Barry agreed to look into RCW’s around re-districting so the board could have all the information in order to make an informed decision.

A LCSD Professional Development Day is planned for Mon. Jan 3rd to deepen the understanding of UDL (Universal Designed Learning), build capacity for implementation, shift mindset, revisit the why of UDL, and introduce the concept of Language Goals.



  • Student Services – Sarah Clarke

Sarah started by acknowledging the good work that Karen Portillo-Robles and Brooke Sanders have accomplished as  new district employees.

She shared a presentation with objectives, resources with links, the pandemic’s toll on mental health, BESS Survey results with if/then decision rules, benefits of SEL (Social Emotional Learning), importance of systematic screening, and the next steps for second gate screenings.

After getting results back from the BESS Survey our counseling staff connected with families to inform them about BESS data results regarding on their students and the need for further communication.  They contacted families of students whose info came back as Extremely Elevated Risk and Elevated Risk.   Student participation rate varied between the buildings.

Parents were very receptive to the information from this survey and grateful for help and support from the district.  The screener was a great resource to find stressors and concerns of students.  Students that were flagged were all over the spectrum. The counselors are doing check and connects with the students.

Barry reminded everyone that when people feel that they don’t belong, they can’t achieve their full potential. SEL work is very important to help students feel connected to our schools.  The counseling team is meeting on a weekly basis to check in and discuss how better to support struggling students.


  • Highly Capable – K.C. Knudson

K.C. shared a presentation with the assistance of Kari McLaren, Director of the Highly Capable Program.

He reviewed the needs, goals, monitoring, and compliance for the Highly Capable Program and what was involved in the annual approval of the program.  This annual plan is required to be submitted to the State for approval.

The first goal is to identify and serve the most highly capable student that are likely to benefit from the program. Annually there is identification and eligibility and K.C. explained the different assessments and qualitative measures involved.  One of the challenges in identifying highly capable students across demographics is that most assessments are culturally biased.

The next step is to serve the highly capable students with UDL programing.  There are currently many opportunities at CHS with College in the High School and several advanced placement courses and honors classes.  Students in CMS can take high er level math classes through the High School.

Kari added that the district is making more of an effort to cluster groups in their classroom cohorts for opportunities to dive deeper into subjects.

Erik asked about closing the gap for students of different backgrounds.  KC said that we can use local group norms to review who might stand out to be eligible for further review of eligibility.  If a student is presenting for Hi-cap services, there are other metrics that can help identify eligibility.  Screening all 2nd graders in a nonlanguage-based test give an indicator of who in that class may have cognitive abilities that they want to pursue.



  • Re-organization of the Board: Elections
  • Board President – Kim Thorpe
  • Board Vice-President – Jeff Fehr
  • WSSDA Legislative Representative – Stephanie Fuller
  • WIAA Representative – Stefanie Fuller
  • Facility Representative

Barb moved and Kim seconded a motion to accept the slate of nominations for the Board positions; motion carried.

Approval will be held over until the next meeting.

  • Payables & approval of additional to be approved in January
  • Approval of Payroll to be approved in January

Kim moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the payables for 12-14-21 and approval of other Payables and Payroll in January 2022; motion carried.

Barry shared the personnel changes.

Kim moved and Barb seconded a motion to accept the personnel changes as presented; motion carried.

Kim moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the surplus as presented; motion carried



  • To discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

Jeff moved the Board to executive session at 8:22pm for approximately 30 minutes with no action to be taken.



Jeff Fehr reconvened the board to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 8:50pm.


_____________________________             _______________________________________

Jeff Fehr, Board Chair                                                        Barry DePaoli, Superintendent

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