LCSD Board Minutes 09/08/2020




DATE: September 8, 2020

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Online Meeting

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Jeff Fehr, Lynda Foster, Ken Brunner, Agustin Benegas, Kim Thorpe, Brian Wood, Brad Wilson, Erik Peterson, Scott Granger, Todd Hausman, Sarah Clarke, K.C. Knudson, Jose Mendoza, Tammy Williams, Carrie Austin, Jeremy Bonner, Laura Clinton, Jody Peterson, Rich Uhlhorn, and Georgia Mashayekh



  • Call to Order

Jeff Fehr called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

There were no changes to the agenda.

Kim moved and Agustin seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



  • Barry DePaoli

Barry provided an update to the fire response in the area.  Incident response teams are housed at both the MS/HS and at the Community Gym.  Principals and secretaries will be back in the MS/HS tomorrow with the firefighters using classrooms and commons.  Land Use Agreements are being drafted for the use of the buildings that will required daily compensation at current government rates.


Barry spoke with Chris Rekhydahl (State Superintendent) about getting a headcount of students today with the major fires yesterday.  OSPI will allow  grace to our Count Day and we should have a good count by the end of the week.  Almost all families impacted by the fire at Apple Acres checked in online today.


Barry went over the enrollment for 9/8/20 with a drop in the number of students.  This is typical around the region with districts losing 6-10% in enrollment from last year.  Families have withdrawn from the district for various reasons including: moving out of the district, or making other choices in their children’s education such as homeschooling, online schooling with other districts as well as running start at Wenatchee Valley College.



  • Maintenance & Operations – Jose Mendoza

Jose gave the board a list of the projects that were worked on this summer that included: MS/HS bathrooms, two classroom walls in the MS hallway, 2 sinks at CSI, staircases at the MS/HS, carpet in Hallways at MOE, front counter raised at MOE, and air scrubbers were installed in buildings for COVID19 which will also make a difference regarding air quality impacted by the fires.

Custodians were helping maintenance with yardwork this summer.  The custodians created their own lists for maintenance items in each building and are busy on these projects.  The plan is to take full advantage of this time while students are working remotely.


He thanked Rosey for working with the maintenance/custodial teams about cleaning around COVID19.

Jose got the property ready for the Incident Response Teams at the buildings and fields



  • Student Services – Sarah Clarke

Sarah shared a presentation about Special Education Services.  This presentation covered Vision & Mission, Spring 2020 versus Fall 2020 education plans, updated OSPI Guidance, communication with parents, what to do if a parent denies a service during distance learning, and IEP amendments.

It was a challenge to provide emergency learning for students in the Spring.  Video conferencing was done with the highest needs students when appropriate for teletherapy.

This fall testing will be done via presence learning and in person services with the highest needs.  There will be two cohorts of students attending school, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with a meal served.  Every student has an individual Safety Plan.

Sarah explained Compensatory Education and Recovery Services and the IEP team decisions.  She thanked the SPED team for their flexibility through all of the program and student complexities.


Her presentation continued with Student Services including: Tier 1 interventions, social emotional screeners, Tier 2 interventions of group counseling and targeted curriculum, Tier 3 interventions, and Social Emotional Learning, and investment of self-care for staff.



  • MOE – Todd Hausman

Todd shared that his heart was full being at school today with the challenges that the teachers embraced to make today a memorable 1st day experience.  The entire staff pitched in to go above and beyond today.

95% attendance rate for attendance with some families checking in after being displaced from the fires yesterday.  150 hotspot requests from MOE for families that don’t have internet access at home.  Erin and Todd are working with transportation and the superintendent to figure out how to help students connect to school who live in areas without cell/internet services.  Some of these students will soon be able to come to school to connect.

  • CMS – Brian Wood

The Google calendars that teachers built with zoom links embedded didn’t go smooth this morning for 6th graders. The students did participate in other classes.

Attendance was good and the students and teachers were glad to see each other.  Collaboration between teachers was great as everyone is learning in this new format of service.


  • CHS – Brad Wilson

Brad reported that students were contacting him directly for help in getting connected with link resets, code resets, Chromebook fixes, and picking up supplies at the front of the building.  It was a challenge that the staff couldn’t be in the classrooms today, but the teachers were flexible to teach from home.

The Booster Club golf tournament was held on Sunday which was fun for everyone involved.  There was a strong turnout and in the end the boosters raised over $2500.00.

  • CSI – Erik Peterson

Erik thanked the counselors and migrant team for helping students get enrolled and connected with CSI. Enrollment is up to 30 students today, with a diverse population.  Erik and Allan met with parents and students last week to get students connected and ready for school this week.

Goal is to have each CSI student connected with a Thrive mentor.

  • Teaching & Learning – K.C. Knudson

K.C. introduced himself and explained what has been going on in Teaching and Learning over the past couple of weeks.  Working hard with the Migrant team to make sure that families have all the support that they need.  Plans are in place for students to be learning English and accessing their online academics.  Testing of Highly Capable students is a focus as those kids were referred but were tested in the spring.  KC continues to work on a online remote program for families who choose to remain at home once we begin returning to school.



Ken moved and Lynda seconded a motion to approve BP 2255 and procedure as presented; motion carried.

Lynda moved and Kim seconded a motion to approve BP 3120 and procedure as presented; motion carried.



Ken moved and Kim seconded a motion to approve the Payables as presented; motion carried.

Barry shared the personnel changes and what the needs may be in the future.

Kim moved and Agustin seconded a motion to approve the Personnel changes as presented; motion carried.



  • To discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

Jeff moved the board to Executive Session at 7:07pm for approximately 20 minutes to discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken.



Jeff Fehr reconvened to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 7:25 pm.


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Jeff Fehr, Board Chair                                                                                                 Barry DePaoli, Superintendent

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