Suicide Awareness & Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Given the recent tragedies that have occurred in our region, we spent time focusing on suicide prevention activities this week. Amy Eddy, our school psychologist, together with our Student Services Department put together pertinent information regarding suicide prevention and support systems for students, parents, and staff members.

How to Get Help + Crisis Lines & Hot Lines

English / Spanish

Please take time to review these facts, myths and warning signs for suicide. This information could help save a life!

What populations are at greater risk for suicide? Unsure what to say when someone expresses thoughts of suicide? Here are some tools to help!

What are some risk factors that increase an individual’s risk for suicide? Knowledge is power!

What are protective factors for suicide and how can they help reduce risk?

Caring people make a difference! Here are some things to say and do’s and dont’s when talking to someone about suicide.

More Resources & Contact Info:

CHS/CMS Counseling Website

MOE Counseling Website

CSI Counseling Website

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