WIBC Sunbird Concert Band- Levi Jeffries & Luke Simmons

Levi Jeffries (left) and Luke Simmons (right) were invited to perform with the WIBC Sunbird Concert Band!
Levi performed on flute and Luke performed on Tenor Saxophone.
More details below.
They rehearsed and performed with one of four 100 piece bands as part of the WIBC conference weekend that was held at the Double Tree in SeaTac, WA.  Students auditioned and were accepted from all over the country and the globe.  Students as far as way as Australia rehearsed and performed with them.  College and University Professors as well as renowned composers and other professional musicians were working alongside Levi and Luke throughout the weekend.  The event culminated with a concert on Monday Nov 22 in SeaTac, WA.
View the concert below:
Live Stream Link For Luke & Levi Live Performance on Monday November 22:  

Additional Links of concerts they got to attend in the evenings while they were there:

Alabama Winds
Cedar Park HS Sax Ensemble
James Bowie HS Wind Ensemble:
The Generals 7 Jazz Band
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