The week of March 14-18th is Educational Support Professionals Week in schools across the state. Please join us in recognizing these professionals by showing your appreciation for the work they do on a daily basis to help us create high-quality educational experiences for all the students that we serve.

Imagine our schools without the vital work that is performed on a day-to-day basis throughout our school system. This
work includes:

  • Para-Professionals who work with students in a variety of settings providing support for teachers by administering a myriad of interventions and instructional supports that make a huge different for our kids
  • IT (Instructional technology) Department provide service and support for approximately 1500 user devices, network infrastructure involving several servers as well as supporting the management of a vast number of software products and building safety
  • Bus Drivers who have some of the most challenging routes in the state along with getting our students to a multitude of extra-curricular events throughout the year
  • Office Professionals do an amazing job of supporting our teachers and administrators by attending to critical tasks including: attendance, registration, answering phone calls, ordering supplies, checking students in an out of school and greeting every student and the public with a smile always
  • Food Service Employees who are on the job at 5 am preparing and planning meals for hundreds of students daily. This year in particular our Food Service Team had to be innovative and willing to pivot on a moment’s notice due to supply chain constraints
  • Facilities/Maintenance and Custodial staff perform critical cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep our schools clean, safe, and operational
  • Accounts payable and our payroll department who process employee benefits and all district invoices to hundreds of vendors on a monthly basis ensuring bills are paid on time ensuring fiscal operations are efficient
  • After’s Program Activity Leaders for reinventing themselves and providing exciting, enriching STEAM lessons to our elementary students and intervention support at the middle level.

The list of important contributions LCSD’s support professionals do is endless. Without a doubt, our support professionals are the backbone of all school district operations. We are fortunate to have an amazing team of people allowing us to operate our district smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

All too often this “behind the scenes” work goes unnoticed. This week we would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to our support staff and recognize the important work they do each day!

Thanks for helping us recognize these dedicated individuals and the work they do during Educational Support Professionals Week!


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