Food Services- September Update

Food Services Newsletter- September 2021

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Hello 2021!
One of the privileges we have working in the kitchen is our access to meet, see and welcome ALL of our students back to school! This year we are happy to return back to our cafeterias where fresh and hot food will be served up daily for breakfast and lunch. Menus and other important food service information can always be found on the district website.

We are happy to announce school lunches will be FREE again for a second school year. Thanks to a USDA Waiver, LCSD will be serving meals using the Summer Seamless Option Which allows the district to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost to you once again.

Meals will only be served in-person to all registered students of Lake Chelan School District.

2021-2022 Free and Reduced Meal Applications
Even though meals are free this year, please be sure to submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application (English / Spanish) before October. Application packets have been mailed to all enrolled students regardless of past status. Information from the eligible applications will provide a current picture of the economic impact to student households which helps benefit multiple departments in our district. Our schools rely on the data to support many of the activities your students enjoy. Please get them in soon!

A Few Important Reminders…
1. Parents are still responsible for outstanding meal debt on their students account. We encourage all accounts to be no less than $5.
2. Letters will be mailed home soon to inform parents of meal debt balances and where they can be paid.
3. Please remember LCSD is a public entity. We are not allowed, by law, to carry debt.
4. Be sure you notify the school if you have a sudden change in Direct Certification. We are not notified and will result in a sudden change in meal payment status.

Food Service Hotline
(during school hours)

Please text your questions to the above cell phone so that we can answer you right away!
Please include your name and your students name with your text.
Thank you!

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