LCSD Board Minutes 02/22/2022




DATE: February 22, 2022

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Hybrid Meeting (in-person at District Learning Center and online)   

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Kim Thorpe, Jeff Fehr, Barb Polley, Erik Nelson, Stephanie Fuller, Bo Charlton, Brad Wilson, Erin Morin, Rosey Burkhard, Sarah Clarke, Brian Wood, Todd Hausman, Gene Semanti, Amaris Longmire, April, Briceida Gonzalez, Camisha Hughbanks, Cari Schwader, Carrie Austin, Cole Soreano, Danita Breeze, Erik Peterson, Erika Scroggie, Janell Wood, Jayme Berg, Jennifer Polley, Jody Petersen, K.C. Knudson, Kris Austin, Krissi Gilsoul, Krystina Nelson, Laura Clinton, Lisa, Marty Rothlisberger, Melanie Froman, Michelle Fanton, Terry Sanders, Trisha Schock, Lindsay Wood, and Georgia Mashayekh



  • Call to Order

Jeff Fehr called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

There were no changes to the agenda.

Erik moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



  • Northwest Leadership Associates – Gene Sementi

Gene Sementi from the NWLA (Northwest Leadership Associates) gave an update on how many people have currently applied for and requested information for the LCSD superintendent opening.  This position closes on March 15th and the Board will meet on March 16th to select candidates for the preliminary interviews.

During the preliminary interviews on March 22nd & 23rd there will be an observation panel of 12 community/staff members. The Board is taking applications for this panel until March 7th.

The final interviews will be a day long process with the finalists meeting with several different groups or departments. The Board is keeping everyone up to date on the process on the district website Superintendent Selection page:



  • Food Service – Rosey Burkhard

Rosey shared a presentation about the Food Service department.  This included information about supply chains, salad bars, and a state audit in April 2022.  These are a return to some normalcy since 2020!

She also shared the number of meals served between September 2021 and February 2022 and the Claim Reimbursement amount for the same time period.

Current challenges are:  recouping old meal debt incurred prior to March 2020, updates to the Hunger-Free Students ‘ Bill of Rights Act, and  single-use food service items.

Single-use Food Service items took effect on January 2022.  The staff can no longer provide single-use food service item unless students ask for them.  This has become an issue with staffing in terms of training children learn to ask for what they need.

Rosey received a scholarship to attend the Introduction to School Nutrition Leadership.  She will be traveling to Oxford Mississippi this summer.  She looks forward to learning more about the food service program.

There is a need to stay informed about the every-changing updates in School District Food Service and the District has a point of contact with OSPI to ask questions.

Thank you to Briceida Gonzalez for working with staff, students, and families to meet the needs of the Food Service Department.

The food service staff is a reliable team and enjoys getting back into their routines.


  • MOE – Erin Morin

Erin shared a presentation going over iReady assessment data for Reading and Math.  The assessments show where the kids started in the fall and how much they have grown since last year. There will be SBA and iReady assessments in the spring.  iReady is real-time active data that can be accessed locally at any time.

The SWIS Referral system tracks student discipline and Erin shared the average daily referral rates by month.

This referral system data can give information on individual students to see what time of day they seem to act out.  This gives staff the opportunity to help the child recognize their need to redirect and schedule their day so that they don’t get referred to the office.  75-80% of referrals come from the playground, as this is a more unstructured time with more kids.

The 4th grade leadership team just completed some videos on school expectations. These will shared in classrooms by the teachers.

Erin explained what has contributed to the growth of the students in the social and emotional behavior which leads to better academic results.

Barb thanked Erin, Todd, and MOE students for the large donation to the Chelan Food Bank.

Erin thanked Todd Hausman for all of his help on this presentation.



  • Superintendent – Barry DePaoli

Barry shared a presentation about what ESSER (Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief) program funds are and how they are used.  The program has different legislative acts that have been passed with guidelines of when and how the funds can be used.

OSPI has expectations for the use of the ESSER funds for I, II, and III levels. There are staff/building and student focuses to address learning recovery, repairing & improving school facilities, and upgrading indoor ventilation.

LCSD administrators have worked to create a strategic spending plan that will utilize the ESSER funds over time. This includes pandemic recovery, strategic planning capacity building.

Trisha Schock and Bo Charlton have helped prioritize and follow guidelines on where the ESSER funds have been used and budgeting for the future.  All of these funds need to be accounted for and there are steps for approval of these funds. Barry shared what LCSD has been spent so far and what the spending forecast looks like today.

Summer School has been budgeted with the ESSER funds to address learning loss.  Plans are being worked on for MS and HS programs this summer.



  • Enrollment and Financial Reports – Bo Charlton

Bo shared a presentation going over the general fund, budget status, accounts payable, payroll comparison, and enrollment.  The district is in a good place financially.



Erik moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the BP 5011 & Procedure updates as presented; motion carried.

  • BP 5201 – Drug Free Schools, Community & Workplace – 2nd reading

Barb moved and Erik seconded a motion to approve BP 5201 updates as presented; motion carried.



Erik moved and Kim seconded a motion to accept the Payables and Payroll as presented; motion carried.

Kim moved and Barb seconded a motion to accept the Personnel changes as presented; motion carried.



  • To discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110 

Jeff moved the Board to executive session at 7:14pm for approximately 20 minutes to discuss the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken.



Jeff Fehr reconvened the board to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 7:33 pm.

____________________________________           _______________________________________

Jeff Fehr, Board Vice-Chair                                                            Barry DePaoli, Superintendent

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