LCSD Board Minutes 9/10/2019




DATE: September 10, 2019

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: District Learning Center

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Jim Colbert, Jeff Fehr, Lynda Foster, Agustin Benegas-Garcia, Erin Morin, Erik Peterson, Sarah Clarke, Heidi Busk, Brian Wood, Jeff Barker, Rob Rainville, Omar Montejano, Brady Dundas, Kim Thorpe, and Georgia Mashayekh. Ken Brunner was absent.


  • Call to Order

Jim Colbert called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

There were no changes to the agenda.

Jeff moved and Lynda seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda items

There were no public comments.


  • New Teacher Introductions

Barry introduced the board to Brady Dundas; HS English Teacher, and Omar Montejano; Elementary/CSI Counselor.  The new staff members shared a brief bio of their career experience, hobbies outside of school and about their families.


Barry reminded the board that of the new meeting format reiterating that building reports at the first board meeting, will be less frequent but more in-depth with a focus on building improvement work (improvement science)

  • MOE – Principal Erin Morin
  • Erin shared a presentation about what the purpose and vision for MOE is this new year. She shared the discussion, planning, and process with staff to create this year’s School Improvement Plan. The presentation covered data analysis, format for building teams int both  technical/operational and leadership areas.
  • Erin talked about some of the enrollment at each grade level. There is about the same number of students as last year.
  • CSI – Director Erik Peterson
  • Erik explained the staff preparation work, a summary of the first week, and how the school improvement work will align with the district themes.
  • Through the staff preparation over the summer the staff upgraded the school learning plan, vision statement, and staff individual learning plans.
  • Enrollment for September is 28 students, including 7 new students and 10 seniors.
  • There are several upcoming CSI events including a Family Orientation Dinner on 9/19 6pm at CSI, some school visits.


  • School Start –Up

Barry thanked several people for getting the district off to a great start:  All of the administrators, Sarah Clarke for her redirection of Special Programs, and Heidi Busk for getting School Improvement and PD set up for the school year.  Sarah and Heidi have been innovative in their thinking and provided new ways to support both staff and students.

Scott and Fabi were recognized for all their work in implementing newly mandated budget codes throughout the district.

Transportation, Maintenance, and Food Service were all recognized for their hard work prior to the start of school.

Athletic director Rob Rainville was recognized for bringing in Collin Henderson to speak to students, coaches, and parents. The focus was on the whole student, sharing tools on the mental game and having a positive mindset.  There was great feedback from the community and there are plans to bring Collin back to speak again. Rob felt that the students and coaches were receptive to the ideas and thoughts that the speaker presented.  Rob will be sending out reminders to coaches about lessons gleaned from this presentation throughout the school year.

Why Try is here this week training junior and senior students to be mentors to the district freshman.  This is a resilience training for community members. The district has been using WhyTry with adult and student mentors for several years.

Barry has been working cooperatively with Thrive and the Manson School District to secure a regional impact grant to bring in some high-powered training and social emotional support for next year’s Learning Instruction Day.

Barry is working with local community organizations to find a way to get more drug and alcohol counseling in the valley by building collaboration with the districts, hospital, and counseling services.

Georgia was thanked for all of her work with families and staff on Choice Transfer in the district.  Barry gave an enrollment report of numbers in the district including enrollment for Running Start, Skill Center in Wenatchee, Roots (private school), Choice Transfer, and homeschool students.



Barry talked about the small changes in the policy and in the importance of keeping this policy up to date.

The board discussed the slight changes.

Agustin moved and Jeff seconded a motion to approve BP3207 & Procedure as presented; motion carried.


Lynda moved and Jeff seconded a motion to approve the Payables as presented; motion carried.

Barry talked to the board about the personnel changes.

Jeff moved and Agustin seconded a motion to approve the personnel changes as presented; motion carried.


  • To discuss the performance of an employee with action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

Jeff moved and Lynda seconded a motion to move to executive session at 6:48pm for approximately 40 minutes.  There is a possibility for action after the executive session. Jim announced at 7:28 that the board would need approximately 30 more minutes in executive session.

Jim moved the board back to regular session at 7:55 pm to take action on the Superintendent’s current contract.

Lynda moved and Agustin seconded a motion to extend the Superintendent’s current contract by one year to make it a full 3 year assignment through until June 30, 2022.


Jim Colbert adjourned the regular meeting at 8:00 pm.

________________________________________                 _______________________________________

Jim Colbert, Board Chair                                                                                Barry DePaoli, Superintendent

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