LCSD Board Minutes 9/24/2019




DATE: September 24, 2019

TIME: 6:00 PM

LOCATION: District Learning Center

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Jim Colbert, Jeff Fehr, Ken Brunner, Lynda Foster, Agustin Benegas-Garcia, Madonna Konshuk, Bailey Dezellem, Aliyah Finch, Ashlyn Sanderson, Brennan Moody, Brad Wilson, Scott Granger, Erik Peterson, Rosey Burkhard, Kim Thorpe, Scott Renick, and Georgia Mashayekh



  • Call to Order

Jim Colbert called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

There were no changes to the agenda.

Lynda moved and Ken seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.

  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

There were no public comments.



  • New Staff Introductions

Barry introduced Madonna Konshuk who is teaching Special Education students at MOE this year.

Madonna shared a brief bio including her teaching experience, family members and what she likes to do in her free time



  • FFA

Barry thanked Bailey Dezellem, for bringing in Ashley Sanderson, Brennan Moody, and Aliyah Finch to present information about the club this year. Club leaders gave a presentation with information about: attending both local fairs, goals for the year, upcoming fall events, 2020 events, Ag. Classes,  State placings, and 2018-2019 statistics.  All students in Agriculture classes are automatically FFA members. All freshmen get a shirt, go through the green hand ceremony, and put their handprint on a tile that is installed at CHS.

Barry thanked the FFA members for their time in presenting to the school board.



  • Dogs on School Property

Barry shared complaints from athletes, coaches, community members, and maintenance staff about people not picking up after they exercise their dogs on our athletic fields.  It is affecting the maintenance staff in weekly field maintenance and athletes during practice. This is a health issue for both staff and students and after putting up doggie stations with bags, the problem has not improved.

The board had a discussion on the topic including: research of city code found that the City of Chelan Municipal Code (states that dogs are not allowed on school district property); research with other school districts (found that due to the health issues for staff and students, dogs are not allowed on school property).

Barry proposed that the district consider posting signage that would restrict exercising dogs on school property.  There was a suggestion to mention this to the community on KOZI, social media, and local news.  Barry will follow-up with signage that prohibits dogs on district grounds.

  • Care of grounds

Barry met with the maintenance team regarding district grounds.  There is about 30 acres of land to manage that is spread out across the city.  The grounds require upgraded equipment and more manpower to accomplish the task of maintaining the grounds at a high level.  Barry plans on addressing this issue by (1) first meeting with the City to determine if they will assist us in any way, (2) researching equipment and the possibility of adding a grounds man to the maintenance staff and (3) determining if anyone is interested in bidding field care for our performance venues (Football, Soccer and Baseball).  Once he completes the research he will present this information to the board and provide a recommendation that will result in the improvement of district grounds and particularly athletic performance fields.

  • District Office Signage

Barry talked about the possibility of updating the district logo and signage for the new office location.  He would like to get signage in front of the district offices and is seeking input on design and installation location.  He is in the process of providing several mock-ups to provide for the board.

  • Enrollment – why students are moving in and out of the district

Barry shared some enrollment change information from the building registrars.  There are no real patterns that stand out relative to where most students come from or where they leave upon withdrawing.  Scott explained the enrollment of Holden Village, Running Start, and drop of numbers at the Middle School.  There are more students in the Skill Center this year than previous years.

The enrollment in grades K-3 is as expected.

  • Annual WSSDA Conference in Bellevue 11/21-11/24
  • Labor Management Meetings

Barry will develop a working discipline group to address the discipline changes implemented at the state level.  This will include staff, board, students, and community members.  Following the work session, the procedure will be presented to the board for final approval.

  • Elevator at 324 E Johnson

The elevator needs to be fixed in the building at 324 E Johnson and is an ADA compliance issue.  It will cost about $50,000 to fix the elevator.  It is an ADA requirement to get it fixed, so Scott and Jose will get started on getting bids.



  • County Treasurer’s Report & Reconciliation Report

Scott went over the County Treasurer report explaining the new code changes.  All codes in every department changed September 1st and there were several bills that could not be paid in August due to these coding changes. The transportation depreciation fund has enough money to purchase a new bus this year.

Scott explained the September enrollment and explained how this will affect budgeting.  He also talked about SPED and Migrant numbers.

OSPI has changed the rules with the Birth-3 services and school districts no longer contract with their local ESD for those services.  Families contact their local ESD on their own for any services.



Barry explained that there are specific situations where an external provider comes to a building to observe and support students in the classroom.  This policy clarifies the agreements between the district and the external providers. Some providers step in over the teacher’s procedure in the classroom.  This policy is to protect the teacher in preventing classroom disruption.

Ken moved and Lynda seconded a motion to approve BP 4321, Procedure, and forms as presented; motion carried.

Jeff moved and Ken seconded a motion to approve BP 2029 & Procedure as presented; motion carried.



Lynda moved and Jeff seconded a motion to approve Payables & Payroll as presented; motion carried.

Barry talked about the personnel changes.

Jeff moved and Ken seconded a motion to approve the personnel changes as presented; motion carried.



  • To discuss the performance of an employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

 Jim moved the board to executive session at 7:00pm for approximately 20 minutes.



Jim Colbert reconvened to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 7:20 pm.

________________________________                                          ___________________________________

Jim Colbert, Board Chair                                                                                      Barry DePaoli, Superintendent

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