National School Lunch Hero Day

Today, May 1st, 2020, we celebrate the 8th Annual School Lunch Hero Day!

A BIG thank-you to all of our Food Service Staff for the great job you do in serving our students throughout the school year.  Between preparing school meals, adhering to strict nutrition standards, navigating food allergies, and always “serving with a smile” all of you are true heroes!  This year, in particular, your efforts to create a food service system that is efficient in preparing and distributing meals is truly impressive.  All of you can stand tall and be proud of the work you are doing.  I would like to recognize Jeanna Smith and her Food Service Team and all those employees who have joined them to assist in meeting the demands of the school closure.

We appreciate all that you are doing to support our students and families!!!

Food Service Team

Julie Webster

Jocelyn Reeves

Suzy Galvan

Kristin Kraus

Tammy Jacobsen

Ashely Waters

Zen Richardson

Tammy Wells

Andrea Rodriguez

Jen Lervold

Jean Hyde

Food Service Assistants

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