Parent Letter- Regarding TikTok Threat

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Recently an anonymous TikTok post proclaiming a day of violence against schools on December 17th began trending.  (TikTok is a social media app used to share videos). The post warned people of a possible threat to schools throughout the nation. The post appears to be part of a national TikTok trend, and we do know that it did not originate in our school district or anywhere in our region. I am sharing this information with you out of an abundance of caution.

While we do not believe the threat to be credible, we are closely monitoring the situation and taking it seriously. Additionally, the district has been in contact with the local Police Department regarding the post and thankfully, we have our SRO back on campus as of this past week. We have also informed our staff and have asked them to maintain increased vigilance.

In most cases, these posts turn out to be non-credible threats where students did not intend harm. However, in every case, we have a duty to immediately respond and assume that a threat could be credible until the investigation is complete.

We ask that you monitor your children’s social media activity and speak with them about proper behavior online. Even if they are not credible threats, they can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for our students and families.  Please have conversations with your child about online safety. If you or your child become aware of any potential threat posted to social media or anywhere else, please notify a school staff member or trusted adult right away.

The Washington State Fusion Center, a statewide threat monitoring system for law enforcement, released the following announcement this morning: (U//FOUO) At this time, the WSFC has no specific information indicating a credible threat or attack planned at schools in Washington State. Law enforcement and school officials are encouraged to remain vigilant and report all suspicious behavior. Suspicious incidents should be reported immediately to local law enforcement and the WSFC at or 1-877-843-9522.

It is more important than ever that we work together to keep our students and our schools safe.



Barry P. DePaoli,

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