LCSD Board Minutes 10/26/2021



DATE: October 26, 2021

TIME: 6:00 PM                                                   

LOCATION: Hybrid Meeting (in-person at District Learning Center and online)

PRESENT: Barry DePaoli, Jeff Fehr, Lynda Foster, Ken Brunner, Kim Thorpe, Barb Polley, Tammy Williams, Rosey Burkhard, Brad Wilson, K.C. Knudson, Brian Wood, Bo Charlton, Carrie Austin, Camisha Hughbanks, Erin Morin, Crystal Austin, Amber Corrigan, Andrea Menin, Anne, April, Ashley Baker, Bob Soost, Paul Hunter, Chris Hughbanks, Dan, Danita Breeze, Derek Todd, Elsbeth Vincent, Erik Peterson, Frankie Swaner, Jayme Berg, Jennifer Puckett, Jody Petersen, Josh Gates, Julie Eygabroad, Justin Perri, Kalee Simmons, Kiley Dixon, Kris Austin, Kris Perry, Kristi Collins, Krystina Nelson, Leanna Garfoot, Lisa, Lisa Gleasman, Madison McPherson, Megan Benson, Melanie Froman, Michelle Fanton, Meta, Mistaya, Nicole, Rosemary Moller, Ryan Brown, Stephanie Brown, Ryan McKelvie, Sarah Clarke, Suzy, Tara Cunningham, Toni Eygabroad, Trisha Schock, Wally Escobar, Lindsay Wood, and Georgia Mashayekh.  Ken Brunner was absent.



  • Call to Order

Jeff Fehr called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

  • Approval of Agenda

Barry requested to make a shift of the meeting to address concerns about the Healthy Youth Survey at the beginning of the meeting.

Kim moved and Lynda seconded a motion to approve the adjustment as requested; motion carried.

Lynda moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the minutes as presented; motion carried.


Barry shared a presentation about the Healthy Youth Survey.

This is a survey that is given to students every other year.  Last week there were some questions on the 8th grade survey that caused concern for many parents.  Barry sent out a letter to the community that was posted on the district website and social media the following day to address the issue. The survey was cancelled for the 9th -12th graders.

Barry provided an overview of the survey including, how many school districts use this survey, the purpose, and goals for administering the survey.

The goals of this bi-annual survey are to deliver critical information about the prevalence of major adolescent health risk behaviors to parents, the public, school officials, public health professionals, human service agencies, and policymakers. This information helps identify trends and patterns in adolescent health status and identifies risky behaviors. It also helps guide policy formation and improve program needs assessments for state agencies, local health jurisdictions, county prevention coordinators, community mobilization coalitions and community public health and safety networks that serve youth.

The results of the HYS are used to develop themes and focus areas to improve school climate, school wellness and overall student health.

Barry explained the survey format, forms, and the registration process. He went over questions that were reviewed by our coordinators and have been on the HYS since 2010.  74-85% of school districts across WA State take the full HYS survey every two years.

He shared a link to the Healthy Youth Survey to help parents understand how the Extra Questions were included in the survey.

Barry contacted OSPI this week and got a response saying that the definition of sex was not put on the provided, it was an oversight by OSPI.  With the way the forms were offered in registration from OSPI the district coordinators were not able to see the definition question, it was not included.

As a result of this occurrence, Barry has met with the building administrators and the Director of Student Services to develop a process to ensure this would not happen again.  There are several steps that in the new process to best communicate the date and purpose of the survey, and the opt-out options.


Questions from the board:

There are quite a few student surveys each year that parents and staff should be aware of. A suggestion was made to have policy and procedure about survey communication and opt-out options for parents.  The district should review the number of surveys each year and create a survey calendar.

There was a question about having enough time to communicate the survey schedule to parents.

With a calendar this would give parents a list of surveys for the year a streamline way to opt-out of surveys.

The HYS survey has been part of the District since 1998.  Several changes were made in 2018 when the survey went digital and some of these questions were added to the survey at that time. Due to the COVID pandemic and closure of schools, the HYS was not taken in 2020.

Does the District receive funding for the student participation in the HYS? There are no funds given to the district for taking the survey, but grants are available when using data from this survey.  Some of the data helps administrators in planning school improvement, applying for grants and helps counselors understand any gaps;

Were there any parents who thought they opted out of all surveys when they contacted the counselor or principal?  There was confusion with the SEL Survey and the HYS going out at the same time.  Some of the students who opted-out of the HYS were still given the survey through Google Classroom.

Can you give an example from past years survey data that helped the school district?  Barry stated that the HS used spikes in data around alcohol or bullying to plan curriculum and programs. Data from the HYS gives something to measure when adding new programs to help students.

There is a UDL (Universal Design for Learning) survey of 12 questions about classrooms for all students in 3rd, 7th, and 9th grades.  There is a Fall and Spring survey to complete the UDL Grant.

Sarah explained another Opt-in survey coming up this year.

KC shared examples of using data to see a rise in students being offered extra support programing and curriculum.


Laura Clinton addressed Barry and the Board and stated that the board is elected, except for Barb.

She met with Barry recently and felt that he is passing the questions of concern onto OSPI.  Laura shared some of the concerns in the questions that were asked and how disappointed she is in the school district to allow the questions in this survey.  She would like to know about past, present and future dollars the District has or may receive from this survey.

Laura asked if there was some of the data that district doesn’t get as the HYS withholds some data for not answering all of the questions on the survey.  She says there are lots of educational and knowledge gaps for students and that students need support in their education and their time should not be wasted on surveys. When one student in 1st period saw the questions, she contacted her parent, when the parent contacted the school the survey was pulled for the remainder of the students.


Camisha Hughbanks said that she had opted-out her student and her child still got a link to the survey.  She stated that she does not trust the opt-out process within the District or what Barry has presented.

In his response Barry explained that he started with digging into the problem including calling OPSI, interviewing his HYS coordinators and reviewing the survey.  Ultimately, he felt that he presented the facts and was completed transparent in his presentation.


Lindsay Wood asked if there is a way for parents to opt-in for surveys instead of opt-out for surveys.

She feels that this would put more trust in the parents. She also asked how anonymous are the surveys when they are sent out digitally over paper surveys?  Brian Wood said that there was only a link that went out to students in their Google Classroom accounts. He suggested that in the future teachers should just write the survey address up on the board instead of using their Google Classroom to all students.


Kalee Simmons opted her student out and wants to make sure that opted-out students don’t get surveys.  Barry shared that he explained some of new processes for opting-out.  Brian also added that having a survey calendar for the full year will help parents make clear decisions.


Amber Corrigan said thank you to the Board for using the Healthy Youth Survey and attempting to get solutions to the issue that came up this year.  She feels that the data is important to best serve students and meet their needs.


Kristi Collins agrees with Laura and Camisha and isn’t sure about these kinds of surveys and why certain topics are important on a school survey.  She agrees with the health and wellness questions and isn’t sure why there are sexuality questions on the survey.

Barry explained that there are reasons for these questions in that they help guide programs for counselors and school improvement efforts.  Lynda Foster explained that there are many students who are experiencing some of these situations and they don’t talk with their parents about it. Their school is the only place that these students get support.


Jennifer Puckett asked that if the school is getting paper copies of the survey prior to administration if parents can get a copy to see the questions on the survey prior to opting-out?  Barry answered yes.

Jennifer felt that she was confused about the SEL and HYS surveys being close together.


Kiley Dixon asked how much time these surveys are taking out of the day.  She feels that the kids are spending too much time on surveys over time that they could be learning in curriculum.  She agrees that is important for kids to know how they are doing socially, but teachers and counselors know who may be struggling.  Barry said that this is a good opportunity for the district to do a survey audit and put together a survey calendar.

Barry explained that rarely do the surveys utilize content time, typically they are administered in advisory periods at the Secondary level.

Barry appreciates all of the parents coming forward for the discussion and apologized for the upset this mis-step cause students and their families.


  • Public Comments or Request on Non-agenda Items

Laura Clinton asked if all Winter athletes can be tested for COVID instead of worrying about who is vaccinated and who isn’t.  Barry is in agreement that it would be safer to have all athletes test and will talk about it later in his superintendent report.



  • Transportation Department – Tammy Williams

Tammy thanked all the drivers for all of their hard work.

She and Danial Evans (District Mechanic) are both driving every week.  There should be some relief soon as two people who just passed their driver tests this week and can be added to the substitute list.

New bus stop was created in the Sun Crest neighborhood for about 20 kids.

The State ridership count is up this year.  There are around 900 students riding buses in LCSD this year.

New bus 11 is running well and this really helps as parts are getting hard to come by.  Tammy and Danial are trying to stay ahead on ordering parts to keep all buses running.

There will probably not be any new buses for a few years due to availability across the nation.

The District needs substitute drivers.  It can take about a month for someone to go through all of the training and testing. Anyone interested in subbing can apply online at the District website.

Barry thanked Tammy for taking care of the Transportation Department and keeping all of the buses on the road.


Maintenance and Operations – Rosey Burkhard

Rosey shared a presentation on Maintenance and Operations and explained what she is doing with the maintenance help tickets, scheduled meetings, establishing consistency and communication.

There are three major projects in process:

Irricloud Project – Web based irrigation control system with a locally based company in Leavenworth.  She and Ryan McKelvie are doing research with the company and some of their clients to see if it would be a good service for the District with a lease service.

MOE Columns Project – There is deterioration of exterior concrete columns in front and back of MOE building at the base of the columns.  She hired a certified structural engineer to inspect them and give the District a report. At this time there is just deterioration at the base of the columns due to the snow melt that is sprinkled around each year. Maintenance will wrap the columns at the base and use a non-corrosive type of snow melt to protect them.

PUD Communication Project – there has been an uptick of power “blinks” in last two years that has cost the District many dollars for HVAC systems, loss of units/compressors, loss of food, and reset of irrigation times for the grounds.  Rosey and Barry met with the PUD recently to share how these “blinks” are affecting the district and the costs that have incurred.  The PUD will place data recorders on the back of the MS/HS to watch power interruptions.

Jeff asked how much labor would be offset by using the Irricloud Program.  Rosey said that the use of the Irricloud services that are done via computer and phone would save many hours of manpower, would provide individualized regulation by field, and be able to detect problems early. Rosey feels that it would pay for itself and she feels that it could be implemented in the Spring 2022.

Barry thanked Rosey for her innovated and solution perspective to the maintenance and operations department.



  • Superintendent – Barry DePaoli

Barry gave a presentation that covered the following subjects:

        –  COVID Update

There are several teachers and students out at MOE this week.  The numbers of staff and students in all buildings who have contracted COVID is low, and the District has been very fortunate.

        –  SRO Contract Review

Barry explained the SRO Contract and what the Chelan County Sheriff’s office is doing this year. The 2021-22 contract is an action item later in the meeting.

        –  Board Meeting Format

Barry opened the subject up for conversation.

Some of the board shared that they are not ready to record the meetings as this would cost some money for better sound system.  The District never had Zoom for live streaming meetings before.  It would be nice to have some microphones to hear better through masks.

Laura Clinton says that having the opportunity to review the meetings at other times or hearing what words were actually said is good.

        –  Board Transition Planning

Barry shared a Board Transition Plan with a schedule for Election Day, Orientation Meeting, WSSDA Board Conference, Election Certification, and the installation of New Board Members.  The Board liked having a plan to move through the transition of a new Board and the WSSDA Conference.



Bo went over all of the financial reports and answered questions from the Board.



There was discussion about more input from Human Resources and Administration may be needed on this policy and procedure.  This will be taken to the next board meeting.



Kim moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the 2021-22 SRO Contract as presented; motion carried.

Kim moved and Barb seconded a motion to approve the Payables and Payroll as presented; motion carried.

Lynda moved and Kim seconded a motion to approve the Personnel changes as presented; motion carried.


Jeff asked if the board should take up the action of COVID testing for athletes.

Barry proposed that it would be in the best interest of confidentiality to have all high-risk Winter Sport student athletes do COVID 19 testing at the same time.

Lynda moved and Kim seconded a motion to implement COVID-19 antigen testing of all high-risk Winter Sport Athletes (Basketball and Wrestling) in the gym at the same time.  This would be twice a week for all athletes and coaches.

There was some discussion about testing the teachers who are also coaches.  Barry will talk with the school nurses about testing coaches who are also staff.

Motion carried.



  • To discuss a district lease and the performance of a public employee with no action to be taken. RCW42.30.110

Jeff moved the board to executive session at 8:00pm for approximately 30 minutes to discuss a real property district lease and the performance of public employee with no action to be taken.



Jeff Fehr reconvened the board to regular session and adjourned the meeting at 8:28 pm.

_______________________________         _______________________________________

Jeff Fehr, Board Chair                                                      Barry DePaoli, Superintendent

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